Inventory of new health care reform to bring the people’s health dividend ravbin

Inventory of the new health care reform to bring the people health dividend basic medical insurance coverage rate of 95% or more, the comprehensive reform of public hospitals expanded to the city of the 200…… Since the new round of health care reform since 2009, has established a relatively complete system framework, but also for the people to bring a lot of real health dividend". The office of the State Office recently forwarded the "State Council Health Reform Leading Group on further promotion of a number of views to deepen the experience of medical and health system reform". The views put forward the universal health care system basically established, the basic medical insurance was stable in 95%, covering a population of over 1 billion 300 million people, 2016 fiscal health insurance subsidies for urban and rural residents reached 420 yuan per capita, urban and rural residents illness insurance comprehensively, significantly enhance the level of security. The views put forward, continue to expand deepen the comprehensive reform of public hospitals, 1977 counties (cities) full implementation of the county public hospital comprehensive reform, comprehensive reform of public hospitals in the city expanded to 200, the scientific management system and operation mechanism is formed. At the same time, a substantial increase in the level of equalization of basic public health services, the implementation of the 12 categories of basic public health services in the country, covering the whole process of the lives of the residents, the benefit of hundreds of millions of people in 45. In addition, China has also vigorously promote the classification of the diagnosis and treatment system, the country has more than half of the county to carry out the first pilot of the grassroots level, the county medical treatment rate of over 80%. The pharmaceutical supply system to further improve the implementation of national essential drug system, the implementation of open public medical institutions of the provincial drug centralized purchasing transparent online, and gradually establish a market leading drug price formation mechanism. Thanks to continue to promote a new round of reform, and constantly improve the medical services and public health services, personal health spending accounted for the proportion of total health expenses continued to decline, from 40.4% in 2008 dropped to below 30%; basic medical and health services and improve the residents, 80% to 15 minutes to get to the medical institution; the level of people’s health significantly, the average life expectancy reached 76.34, higher than in 2010 1.51, the level of people’s health is better than the average level in the high-income countries, with less investment has achieved high performance health. Click to join the Guangdong provincial health official group (187945286) more exciting, more benefits, it is bad for you oh相关的主题文章: