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In the cup: "Kelong" meet the men’s singles semi-final "dragon team to win the zhongxinwangzhongxinwang branch in Chengdu in September 18, (Xu Yangyi He Shaoqing) 18 noon, 2016 China Table Tennis Open Men’s singles semi finals held in Chengdu. Following the Rio Olympic Games men’s singles final, table tennis player Zhang Jike and Malone together again. After 7 intense competition, Malone finally to 4:3’s big score to win over Zhang Jike again, successfully qualify for the finals. This is the focus of the war game tournament, "Kelon combination" love to kill, also attracted many fans attended the match. At the beginning of the game, Zhang Jike took the lead in the first game with 11:6. Subsequently, Malone to 11:9 big score. Since then, the big score deadlocked up. The fourth inning, "Zhang Jike has a continuous force of Tibetan mastiff", with a large difference with the bureau. The fierce you come to me, "Kelon" play in the field of several climax, wonderful performance lead to the audience bursts of screams. In the end, Malone won the game with a big 4:3, to qualify for the finals. Game site。 Lv Yang photo, we are more familiar with the opponent, hit the last may be physically a little bit of it." Zhang Jike said in an interview after the game, the game did not deal with some unexpected ball, may not be good luck today, Malone in the wrong than I want some less." Zhang Jike said, then there is a doubles final, "I will go all out, after all the spectators to see the game is not just to see the winners and losers, but more is to see you on the pitch and spirit." Just won the game, the dragon is also very calm. In the game, which is one or two points to see who can grasp better." Malone felt that the game was played well, especially in the last game after the exchange of a few key ball grasp better. "It’s a good feeling for the Chengdu fans because I’ve played here before, and you may be familiar with me." Malone said that the game may come not just Chengdu fans, and fans from all over the country come here to watch the game, I think it is very good for our athletes (incentive)." (end)相关的主题文章: