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In January three 100 feather pigeon fanciers stolen light: most worried about being eaten – Pigeon Beijing, Yang Yuanfu raised three pigeons stolen, suffered heavy losses. In the TV series heroes, for what? How was the transfer? Many people will blurt out, pigeon! Whether those mountains in the distance, there will always be timely sent to pigeon. Pigeon, a pigeon feather jargon called, not a pigeon." In Chengdu, a group of people from the love of feeding pigeons, pigeon incubation, training, to match, to be busy for a whole year. The pigeon is very precious, the highest price of the Internet are well documented, up to 970 thousand. The pigeon in a formal competition, the winner can get a maximum of tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of bonus. However, the expensive pigeon, also attracted criminals: the morning of November 14th, at the Chengdu pigeon lofts absolutely empty, Yang Yuanfu tears. He kept 140 pigeon feather, in more than a month, the thief was patronizing three times, now only the more than and 20 feather. His area, a dozen families keep pigeons residents, was once a thief pigeon. Pigeon fanciers are most worried about is, "the thief does not know when to eat, the pigeon pigeon." [140] pigeon feather pigeon suffered only more than and 20 feather loss at around seventy thousand or eighty thousand, "" grunt, goo goo……" 7 every morning, in a district of Chengdu Jinniu Road on the rooftop of the breeze, lofts beginning to twitter, dove according to the schedule, it’s time to eat breakfast. 52 year old Yang Yuanfu carrying a small basin of pigeon grain downstairs. He was a pigeon, and only a pigeon, pigeon with feather as a unit, is not a feather pigeon, a pigeon." In addition, a residential house, located on the 7 floor roof, more than and 40 square meters, a total of 140 feather pigeon breeding. However, in November 14th, when he came to the 7 floor of the roof, was in front of stunned: originally built with wooden and stamped steel wire net loft in the corner, out of a 40 cm wide hole, broken wood, off the floor. He ran over to see, originally should be the streams of people busily coming and going only more than and 20 lofts, feather. This is already a month ago, Yang Yuanfu lofts, third thieves. "The first is the national day, lost 30 feathers, second time is 10 months late, lost 33 feather." He said, after the thief is open lofts lock, so he changed several lock, unexpectedly, the thief directly to open a hole to the loft. He speculated that the thief might be in the early hours of November 14th while at dove was slow, people will not have to catch a revolt, stole the pigeon on the roof, "such a small hole, is certainly little thief." Looking down, the loss of about seventy thousand or eighty thousand yuan. Pigeon cage is absolutely empty. Many residents had stolen pigeon fanciers lofts removed "dare not raise" that Yang Yuanfu once again was stolen after the cell number of residents came to the 7 floor roof, "was a thief, do not know how many times?" One resident said. In this area, the pigeon was stolen, there is not. Another resident Zou Shicheng 58 years old this year, but also on the ground floor of a house on a rooftop pigeon"相关的主题文章: