In 11 years no team into the top 4 in addition to Hengda foreign aid is not AFC Champions League Col-unfccc

In 11 years no team into the top 4 in addition to Hengda foreign aid is not AFC Champions League Colosseum – Sohu sports local time on September 13th, 2016 AFC Champions League League ushered in the 14 final second leg contest. Jeonju World Cup Stadium in Shanghai, Hong Kong (red) with a 0-5 defeat in the north foot of modern zhibubaqiang. Osports sports Photo Agency Beijing September 15 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Wang Muqing) last night, Seoul Luneng 1-1 with FC, the total score of 2-4 was eliminated, also declared the super 4 clubs from the league this year AFC Champions League all out, missed the top 4. Following the day before the Shanghai port 0-5 away defeat, the super team suffered a double play in neighboring South korea". However, this is because the China football "koreaphobia"? Nearly 11 years of super Hengda team into the top 4 in addition to non Guangzhou Hengda in the past 3 years the 2 won the Super League club to AFC Champions League, began to shine in the AFC Champions League League "illusion". But in fact, 3 years, in addition to Beijing Guoan in 2013 and 2015, two out of the 1/8 finals, only super league club Guangzhou Evergrande all rounded out the top 8 3 times, including 2 wins. The rest of the clubs were out early in the group stage. The time to expand the scope of the past 11 years, which covers China football the rapid decline in the winter period, during this period, in addition to constant, the super club has never won the top 4 AFC Champions League. In addition to a rival club finalists, or distant 2005, now fans have been slightly strange "Shenzhen jianlibao". In contrast, the results of Japan and South Korea’s neighbors Club far exceeds the super: South Korea club 10 times, the 4 time, the Japanese club won the top 4 times, the 2 time to win the title of the 5. Only by the Super League club Guangzhou Evergrande club has to support the facade, and Japan is obviously more flowering, the 6 team is different, showing the two league in the fierce competition. In contrast to the Guangzhou Hengda consecutive 5 consecutive years after 2012, the above data will be not at all surprising contrast.相关的主题文章: