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I do not have the heart to tell him the results of CT – Sohu health 1, he is a man of the age of 41, because of repeated hiccups in the late February night came to the hospital. 2, he refused to do a gastroscopy, because of fear of discomfort caused by gastroscope discomfort. 3, gastroscope in his esophagus found a pattern of lumps, was confirmed to be esophageal cancer. 4, esophageal cancer is a kind of malignant tumor which is originated from the esophageal epithelium. A 41 year old male with a late night, he said to me: "I do not have what problem, is the last 2 months would not stop hiccups, after eating the most obvious, but when you eat that seems to be what blocked the esophagus". In fact, after listening to these words, I was a bit unhappy, because I am an emergency doctor, not a digestive surgeon, and the patient has been unwell for more than 2 months. In addition to dealing with critically ill patients in China, there is a special function, which is for those who are busy working during the day, rather than in the emergency treatment of patients with common. "Since two months, why come to see a doctor now? Is the recent symptoms have increased?" I asked. It turned out to be a taxi driver, starting from 2 months ago, unexplained repeated hiccups, upper abdominal discomfort, more than a month to eat when there will be a feeling of blockage. First, because the normal working hours during the day to drive a taxi so there is no time to see a doctor, but because of the symptoms in recent days is particularly evident, so it will be late at night to see a doctor. There are a lot of similar patients who will always have to go to the emergency room for this reason" The patient told me: "three years ago, had to do gastroscope, said to be chronic superficial gastritis, or to give me a shop medicine." The patient is really only chronic superficial gastritis? The truth of the matter is far more complicated than you might think, because progressive dysphagia is the leading symptom of esophageal cancer. Although I suspect that he may be esophageal cancer, but because this is a young patient, and I am not sure, so I can not tell him: you may be esophageal cancer!". Cancer is a Chinese are afraid of the disease, in the absence of evidence before if this may tell patients, may let patients in rush and even psychological state of out of control. So, I must tell the patient’s own ideas tactfully. "Three years ago, there was a chronic superficial gastritis, although I did not see your gastroscopy report, but it is certain that your digestive system problems. But now repeated burping, abdominal discomfort and dysphagia prompt esophageal or stomach problems, normally can do electronic gastroscopy is the best choice, but because it is late at night emergency time, gastroscopy can not do, or do CT. If there is no big problem, tomorrow continue to see the Department of gastroenterology." I have only a perfunctory explanation. 40 minutes after the patients took the CT back to the consulting room, I looked at his face flushed CT calm under the slightest waves. Because I can see the middle of his esophagus.相关的主题文章: