Huzhou Mogan Mountain is like a bee like insects and birds like grotesque moth (map) candy candy

Huzhou Mogan Mountain is like a bee like insects and birds like grotesque moth (Figure) Huzhou Mogan Mountain is like a bee like insects and birds like grotesque moth "here we find a grotesque bird, like a bee like a bird like a moth!" October 4th afternoon, Huzhou Deqing County mountain Mo Wu Cun homestay boss Dong sub dial telephone reporter said excitedly, this two day special guests, including a hobby of photography in the hostel near the guest, brook captured the suspected "hummingbird" small animal. Dong Ya said that since the summer, the only "grotesque" has appeared two times in the home garden. First thought is a moth, but looks like not too. Because it flies fast, it has not taken a clear picture. Until the afternoon, live in the hostel of Ningbo tourists Mr. Huang used the camera to shoot streams, the "grotesque" suddenly visit again. At first glance, it is a bit like a hummingbird, but look carefully and don’t like. It does not have claws, but there are similar to the beak of the thing, the head also has two black tentacles, wings are golden yellow, constantly buzzing when the flight, the tail black and white. It has a quick response. It can move forward and backward. See it sometimes circled, and sometimes fall on the petals, but also extended a long beak suck nectar. In this process, Mr. Huang quickly captured dozens of photos, there are three or four relatively clear. "This is a hummingbird?" Mr. Sun, a visitor from Shanghai, asked. In the forest public security work Mr. Huang denied this conjecture — the hummingbird is the world’s smallest bird, mainly in the north and South America along the Pacific coast, did not appear in asia. So, what is Mr. Huang to take the "grotesque"? After thinking about it, Mr. Huang suddenly bright. "I know what it is! I saw it more than and 10 years ago!" Mr. Huang said excitedly: "this is the hummingbird hawk moth, also called the hummingbird moth." Mr. Huang said, hummingbird hawk moth, in Asia, southern Europe, North Africa and North America and other places have been found in China are mainly distributed in the south of the Yangtze River area. "Hummingbird hawk moth high requirements for air quality, it is not easy to be found." Mr. Huang emotion. Hummingbird hawk moth is very sensitive to the natural environment, the last century in 80s due to the overall ecological good, hummingbird hawk moth appears more in China, but after a long time hard to find. Huang was last seen in 2002 in Guangdong, Germany and the United States National Forest Park. At that time, the local tour guide is also very excited to introduce, so deepen the memory of mr.. The Mr. Huang to bring his family to go to Mogan Mountain to play, also directed the green mountains and rivers, also did not expect a brook "encounter with hummingbird hawk moth". Subsequently, the reporter learned from the forestry sector, with the improvement of the ecological environment in recent years, hummingbird hawk moth was also in Deqing County Zhongguan Town, Xiazhu Lake Scenic Area and other places appeared. Source: Deqing News Network相关的主题文章: