Husband drunk driving checked, his wife fell to the ground shouting don’t touch me.-jinshen

The husband wife checked drunk driving down shouting "don’t touch me" Yangzi Evening News Network November 18th news (reporter Guo Xiaochuan correspondent Qu Huilong water) a foreign man drunk driving, overloading was stopped by police, checked to see her husband, his wife sat in the car was lying on the ground to. 18, according to Haimen Samsung patrol squadron police investigators, suspected drunk driving, overloaded man Lee has been fined by the police, and remember 16 points. Lee’s wife Xia also received police education. Lee and his family came home from Henan Haimen Dieshiqiao International Home Textile City works. On the evening of 17, Lee drove a car carrying his wife Xia and his grandson, as well as 6 fellow villagers, drinking in a restaurant. At 8 o’clock in the evening, Lee, who drank the wine, drove a car man back and met with police inspection on the way. Seeing the police coming, Li quickly squeezed from the driver’s cab in the back seat. However, all this has been seen by the police. Subsequently, the police asked Li to produce documents, Lee said forgot at home. During the inspection, the police found that 7 passengers carried 8 passengers on board. In addition, the police also smell Lee suffered exudes a taste. In view of Lee suspected of a number of violations, the police took Lee to the police car to breath test. See the husband to be taken to the police car police, Xia rushed forward, will hold the baby thrown to lee. At the same time, a group of fellow villagers surrounded by police, not let the police take Li away. Li Mouze refused to breath when the police wanted to meet the baby. After a verbal warning and legal advocacy, Lee villagers get out of a road, the hands of the baby is also another fellow go. When Lee was taken away from the police, Xiamou suddenly lying in front of the police car, convulsions, shouting "I have epilepsy, don’t touch me". By the police after repeated warnings, Xia Mou from the ground up. After testing, Lee each 100 ml of blood alcohol content of 75 mg, far beyond the drunk driving standard. At the same time, the vehicle was sent back to other vehicles, Lee was taken to squadron processing. Due to drunk driving, Lee was fined 1000 yuan, recorded 12 points, temporarily for 6 months due to overload; 20%, Lee was fined 100 yuan, recorded 3 points; for failing to carry the driver’s license, Lee was fined 50 yuan, recorded 1 points.

丈夫酒驾被查 妻子倒地大喊“不要碰我”扬子晚报网11月18日讯(记者 郭小川 通讯员 瞿辉 龙水)一名外地男子酒后驾车、超载被民警拦下,看到丈夫被查,坐在车上的妻子竟躺在地上装病。18日,据海门三星交巡警中队办案民警介绍,涉嫌酒驾、超载的男子李某已被警方罚款并记16分。李某妻子夏某也受到民警教育。李某携家人从河南老家来到海门叠石桥国际家纺城打工。17日晚上,李某驾驶汽车载着妻子夏某和出生不久的孙子以及6个老乡,在一家饭店喝酒。晚上8时许,喝了酒的李某驾车载着一车人返回,路上遇到民警检查。见有民警走来,李某连忙从驾驶室里挤在后排座上。然而,这一切均被民警识破。随后,民警请李某出示证件,李某称忘在家里了。检查中,民警发现核载7人的小客车载了8人。此外,民警还闻到李某身上散发着一股酒味。鉴于李某涉嫌多项违法,民警将李某带往警车接受呼气测试。见丈夫要被民警带往警车,夏某冲上前去,将抱着的婴儿扔给李某。与此同时,李某的一帮老乡团团将民警围住,不让民警将李某带离。李某则以民警要碰到婴儿为由,拒绝呼气。经过口头警告和法律宣传,李某的老乡让开了一条道,其手上的婴儿也被另一名老乡抱走。正当李某被民警带离时,夏某却突然躺倒在警车前,全身抽搐,大喊“我有癫痫,不要碰我”。被民警多次警告后,夏某才从地上爬起来。经测试,李某每100毫升血液中酒精含量为75毫克,远超酒驾标准。在安排车辆将其他人员送回的同时,李某被带至中队处理。因酒驾,李某被罚款1000元,记12分,暂扣证6个月;因超载20%以下,李某被罚款100元,记3分;因未随身携带驾证,李某被罚款50元,记1分。相关的主题文章: