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Hunan gold is refers to discharge poisonous White River official: Beijing fish alive – CNR net Changde on November 24th news Chinese according to the voice of "news" reports, "after investigation, determination of cyanide free, no toxic, water fish are to survive, but to wait until the specific situation of environmental monitoring the results of the report." Said this sentence is a cadre of Taoyuan County, Hunan county. Recently, some friends broke the news, the local Guniu mountain of gold cyanide emissions or substitute, through Yuanjiang two tributaries of Cheng Xi Yuanjiang straight row. From the photos provided by users to see, the original clear river became extremely muddy, white mud. The local people reflect, can smell the smell of sulfur, thick disgusting at the scene. After the incident, Taoyuan County Environmental Protection Bureau, according to the filing procedure, by investigating the pollution is because Taoyuan County Large Mining Ltd. tailings connection wells sudden failure, connected with the well cover chain broken, loose, part of tailings waste spills. Aspect comments: maybe the fish really alive, but compared very worried and river turbid, a picture of this response is too simple, not enough to eliminate the fear of the masses. In recent years China’s water pollution incidents, almost every time the relevant departments are eager to prove water sound, "pass" or "standards", to dispel doubts about the masses, leading cadres is not a word Everything will be fine., scientific interpretation of test supplemented by professional is to solve the key problem of the.相关的主题文章: