Hubuxiang is now the wretched uncle groping out of dozens of female tourists (video)

Hubuxiang is now the wretched uncle for female tourists and dozens of groping for nearly a week, a man appeared frequently in the Hubuxiang, from time to time to female tourists freeloaders. 25, he also chased more than a dozen female tourists harassment. See the Wuhan Evening News reported in September 26th in Hubuxiang "a wretched uncle within a week of dozens of female tourists stretch groping" in Wuchang Hubuxiang delicacy street, a forty or fifty year old uncle appeared frequently, his love to the female tourists crowd jostled elbows, rub the chest, or suddenly touched the sensitive area on the skirt. Yesterday (25) afternoon, he is holding a string of lamb, chasing to feed the female tourists to eat, there have been more than a dozen women were harassed. A week by the harasser is up to dozens of people. Enthusiastic store alarm, and escorted by harassing women leave. Today, the reporter at the scene to track and found that this person is still indecent move, and then made a reflection to the China Road police station. Wretched uncle eat mutton string after female tourists in Hubuxiang delicacy street, every day is full of tourists, of which more than half of the young girl so diners. Today, a person doing business in this gourmet street Liu reflect to the newspaper yesterday, a forty or fifty year old man appeared here, on the part of female tourists harassment. Merchants can not see on the street, escort part of the harassment of women, driving the man. Mr. Liu told what happened yesterday afternoon, at that time, on the road Hubuxiang Xu Po paste soup delicacy street in front of the store, a forty or fifty year old man from the trash picked up on two people eat the rest of the mutton string, chasing two to the girl child shopping. The man pulled the two little girls, to please two people eat this picked up mutton string. Two little girl was scared to stay away, but the man but they he’s really not letting this go, adhesion. These two little girls just get rid of, the man fell again, to harass other shopping alone or the shopping together with the two or three women. Near a beverage business stores also witnessed the scene. She told reporters that the man spent an afternoon near the swinging, continued harassment of a dozen women. Men’s harassment attracted many businessmen and tourists angry. The selling drinks store said, at that time, she took two harassed the girl left, and another male people shouted for the wretched man hurried. Within a week, dozens of times out of "groping" reporter learned that, in fact, the man in the street has been around for a week. Mr. Liu said, because he is a fixed booth, so the last week, almost every day to see the man appeared in the vicinity. Mr. Liu said, the man in the street all day long, delicacy, from south to north, from east to west, walked and walked, while picking up something, excited, to the girl heap built, deliberately rub elbow girl’s chest, sometimes walking down the sensitive area suddenly grasped the women wear skirts. Sometimes stretched groping and did not cause the girls attention, sometimes, a large range of movement, harassed the girl found, but the girls mostly choose to avoid, resentment. Mr. Liu said, the girls began the reaction, let the man secure to rely on, more and more bold, in this street has to stay for a week, did not leave. 9 complex相关的主题文章: