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HUAWEI senior vice president: HUAWEI will join the notebook market – Sohu science and technology, this evening, HUAWEI senior vice president Yu Chengdong admitted on micro-blog "HUAWEI notebook" rumors. He said, "the notebook market has been quite mature, the user market is very stable, and our accession will bring new inspiration for notebook innovation."!" You know, HUAWEI has released the February 21st HUAWEI MWC 2016 exhibition posters, posters in the "The new style of business" means "new business", combined with the previous message, there is no doubt that the HUAWEI will MWC 2016 as we show them in a notebook computer, the notebook PC business for HUAWEI is a "new style of business". Rumors about mobile phone manufacturers to reach the PC market is not new, as early as 2 years ago, millet want to do a notebook, millet official said that there is no plan for this time, and HUAWEI as the first to eat crab is obviously more appropriate. The notebook is different from the mobile phone, it’s on the cost of production line, and so on, the channel is more demanding, the high threshold is clearly not the general company can afford, since business notebook PC come and are so few PC vendors, their market position seems very strong, it is difficult to shake. HUAWEI as an incoming person in the brand influence is not less than Lenovo and Acer, ASUS and so on? Veteran PC manufacturers, but the lack of experience and technology, as the mobile phone millet released at the beginning of the 1, the first HUAWEI laptop for HUAWEI’s PC business is a crucial step.

华为高级副总裁:华为将加入笔记本市场-搜狐科技   今日晚间,华为高级副总裁余承东在微博上承认了“华为笔记本”的传闻。他表示“笔记本市场已经相当成熟了,用户市场也非常稳定,我们的加入,必将为笔记本创新带去新灵感!”   悉知,华为已经放出了2月21日的MWC 2016展的华为宣传海报,其海报中“The new style of business”意指“全新的业务”,再结合此前的消息,毫无疑问,此次华为将会在MWC 2016上为我们展示它们的第一台笔记本电脑,而笔记本PC业务对于华为来说也正是一项“new style of business”。   关于手机厂商杀入PC市场的传言已不是新鲜事,早在2年前就有小米想做笔记本一说,小米官方曾表示暂时没有这个打算,而华为作为第一个吃螃蟹的人显然是更合适的。笔记本不同于手机,它的对成本、生产线、渠道商等等的要求更高,入行门槛之高显然不是一般公司所能承受,一直以来笔记本PC业务来来去都是那么几个PC厂商,它们的市场地位俨然十分巩固,难以撼动。   华为作为一个后入局者在品牌影响力上不亚于联想、宏?、华硕等等老牌PC厂商,但是缺乏经验以及技术,正如小米手机1发布之初那般,第一台华为笔记本对于华为的PC业务是至关重要的一步。相关的主题文章: