Huangshi a residential luxury car was disfigured by Porsche lettering (video)-pork face

Huangshi a residential luxury car was disfigured by Porsche lettering live in Huangshi Wuhan Lu Ruifeng Park District Ms. Wan, this two day is very painful. Her home just bought Mercedes Benz GLS400, even the license plates are not on, placed in the underground garage reluctant to open, the car was even a mess. At noon on September 9th, the underground garage of ruifengyuan District, has 9 cars being designated "injured", including a Mercedes GLS400, a Porsche Cayenne, a Audi A4. The district was built in 2014, next to Huangshi digital plaza. More than 10 days ago, Ms. Wan’s husband, Mr. Gao bought a Mercedes Benz GLS400, the car worth about 1300000 yuan, plus the vehicle purchase tax and insurance, spent a total of about 1500000 yuan. Mercedes hasn’t got a license yet. Mr. Kao loves it very much. "He stopped it in the underground garage and couldn’t bear it, just when he bought it, he took me for a ride with my child, and once I went to a party with my friends." Ms. Wan said. In the morning of September 10th, the owner group said that there were many cars in the residential garage, which was injured. At 9 a.m., after she went to the garage, she was stunned. Mercedes Benz was not presentable! 12 afternoon, the East Chu evening news reporter in the district underground garage to see, Wan lady home Mercedes Benz, hood covered with lines and circles, these lines scratches are very deep. Apart from the hood, there are long scratches on both sides of the car body. Not far away, Mr. Yan is in front of his white Chevrolet Cruze classic camera. The car took 120 thousand to drive 6660 kilometers, and the hood was covered with lines and circles. Under the leadership of Ms. Wan, the East Chu evening news reporter also found another 4 scratched cars in the garage. Among them, two Buick front and tail are zoned with lines. Mr. Feng bought the Audi A4 in July, and the hood was hurt. Mr. Huang’s Porsche Cayenne, bought in April this year, spent about 1100000 yuan. Cayenne on the hood, draw a cat pattern, next to cut a word "death". The key hole and logo on the cab door, have been labeled chewing gum. Property staff said, according to preliminary statistics, a total of 9 residential car was designated "injured", including a Benz, a Porsche, a Audi, 3 Buick, a Chevrolet, a nissan. After the incident, the property has alarm. Hongqi Bridge police station has been involved in the investigation. (East Chu evening news Gao Ximing) car parked next District seven years after property replacement suddenly lettering, "next taxi.""

黄石一小区多辆豪车遭“毁容” 保时捷被刻字 家住黄石武汉路瑞丰园小区的万女士,这两天心很痛。她家刚买的奔驰GLS400,连牌照都没上,放在地下车库舍不得开,车身竟然被人划得一塌糊涂。9月9日中午,瑞丰园小区地下车库,有9台车被人划“伤”,其中包括一辆奔驰GLS400、一辆保时捷卡宴、一辆奥迪A4。该小区建成于2014年,紧挨黄石数码广场。十多天前,万女士的丈夫高先生购买了一台奔驰GLS400,这台车价值130多万元,加上车辆购置税和保险,一共花了150多万元。奔驰还没上牌照,高先生很爱惜它。“他把它停在地下车库舍不得开,只是刚买回来时,载着我和孩子兜了一次风,还有一次是开去和朋友聚会。”万女士说。9月10日上午,业主群有人说小区车库有多辆车被人划“伤”了,万女士当时没有当一回事。上午9时许,她去了趟车库之后,一下子惊呆了——奔驰被人划得不像样了!12日下午,东楚晚报记者在该小区地下车库看到,万女士家的奔驰,引擎盖上被划满了线条和圈圈,这些线条划痕都很深。除了引擎盖,车身两侧都有长长的划痕。不远处,严先生正在对着自己的白色雪佛兰经典科鲁兹拍照。这台车花了12万,才开了6660公里,引擎盖上也被划满了线条和圈圈。在万女士的带领下,东楚晚报记者在车库内还找到了另外4台被划伤的小车。其中,两台别克车头和车尾都被划满了线条。冯先生7月才买的奥迪A4,引擎盖也被划“伤”了。黄先生的保时捷卡宴,今年4月份买的,花了110多万元。卡宴的引擎盖上,划出了一只小猫的图案,旁边还刻了一个“死”字。车标和驾驶室车门的钥匙孔上,都被贴上了口香糖。物业工作人员说,经初步统计,小区一共有9台车被划“伤”,包括一台奔驰、一台保时捷、一台奥迪、3台别克、一台雪佛兰、一台日产。事发后,物业已报警。红旗桥派出所已介入调查。(东楚晚报 高喜明) 爱车停隔壁小区七年 物业更换后突然被刻字“下次打车”相关的主题文章: