HTC VR content management platform is coming to China, the United States and Europe w-inds.

HTC VR content management platform will be landing in the United States and Europe Chinese, Sina Technology News Beijing time on November 4th morning news, one of the biggest challenges facing the virtual reality technology is to let the public experience, HTC will face this problem. Held in California San Francisco 2016VR Developers Conference (2016 VR Developers Conference), HTC has announced that its Viveport Arcades content management and sales platform will be landing in the United States, Europe and Chinese, let the public have the opportunity to experience virtual reality. HTC will put the software licensed to cinemas, cafes and VR game hall, in order to establish their own public space VR retailers, the use of "Brook" (The Brookhaven Experiment at the Mount Everest), "VR" (Everest VR) and other games to attract customers. The whole process will be through the Viveport program, that is to say you can easily operate. Developers can also be in the Viveport app store will be included in the game arcade game directory. Viveport applications will be split between HTC and developers. There are currently 120 games available for experience, but the price has not yet been finalized. Experience costs ranging from $5 to $13, the latter refers to players can wear VR devices in the private booth around. HTC plans in the next two years to make the virtual scale of billions of dollars of industry. The only way to achieve this is to put virtual reality devices in the hands of consumers. However, due to the high price, most people do not have the opportunity to try VR devices, can only play on the smartphone games. Vive is currently priced at $800, but also requires a very high configuration of the game computer. Even if HTC can make consumers interested in virtual reality games, it is still uncertain how many hardcore viewers willing to spend $1000 to buy a home VR platform. (Si Mei)相关的主题文章: