How To Locate Truckload And Ltl Freight 3 Easy

Strategic-Planning One of the most challenging tasks for any trucking .pany, both large and small, including independent owner-operators, is finding and locating regular truckload and LTL freight. With a little time and effort you can develop a network of .petent resources, individuals and .panies that will seek out your equipment and keep you rolling down the roadway. From established .panies, to start-ups, and to those beginning a new career in trucking, adhering to these 3 Easy Steps will ensure your ongoing success. Step 1 Post and Announce Your Available Equipment Let everyone know where you are, where you will be, and the type(s) of equipment you have available, even if your equipment will not be available for another 5-7 days, or more. Oftentimes, those who post their equipment well in advance can expect fewer cancellations and a higher rate per mile. InternetTruckStop and 123Loadboard are major players when it .es to posting your equipment. Step 2 Subscribe to the Major Loadboards A critical element of any successful freight program includes reviewing and seeking freight that has already been posted by the major corporations and brokers. Large manufacturers, trucking .panies and brokerages will post their overflow freight on their websites and inter. loadboards. This step is often underutilized and can make the difference between profitability and running in the red. Step 3 Establish Direct Contact with Shippers and Freight Brokers Make you and your .anization known by making routine direct contact with manufacturers and freight brokers. Make a habit of calling a minimum of 10 new potential shippers and 10 new freight brokers each and every day. Establish a Top 10 list of the freight brokers who are shakers and movers in their field, such as C.H.Robinson, Landstar, Yellow, Conway, ABF and Mercer. Make contact with them daily and often, and theyll soon be calling you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: