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Hongkong middle school students during the school rules controversy: the toilet to Beijing in November Beijing – in form 11 days according to Hongkong "Wen Wei Po" reported recently, a netizen in the discussion area issued to Yuen Long Bethel high school required students during the class on the toilet to fill out the forms to keep the toilet before the teacher and school, go to the toilet. Some people questioned the practice is not appropriate, but also the netizen estimates the school many students often borrow urine escape "class, the school was an unwise move. The school principal Wu Zhaomei responded that, in order to create a safe and orderly learning environment, the school began to implement new measures this month, followed by the students during the toilet situation greatly reduced. It is understood that the school requires students to fill in the toilet before class time students to fill in the Restroom notice ", including student name, class, classroom location, access time and date, and signed by the teacher. Students leave the classroom before, need to fill out two copies of the notice, one handed Restroom duty officers returned shall be handed over to the classroom after the notice of the class teacher. Internet users have different views on this, some inappropriate criticism of the school, some people think that school or secret sorrow. In response to President Wu Zhaomei pointed out that the move to cultivate students’ time management, the use of small time on the toilet, and focus on the class, and stressed that the implementation of the new measures, students in the class during the Restroom greatly reduced. She also said that the understanding of students may not be accustomed to the new measures, but they had to explain to them that the registration form is only to facilitate teachers to understand the situation of students, and will regularly review the relevant measures.相关的主题文章: