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Influenza activity in Hongkong has risen 30 times a week, 30 serious cases, 10 deaths – Sohu news, influenza epidemic, a week recorded a number of severe cases of influenza. Hongkong "Sing Tao Daily website pictures in new network on 19 February,   according to Hongkong," Sing Tao Daily website reported that the monitoring data of Hongkong Centre for health protection, according to the latest Hongkong overall influenza activity continued to rise by 12 this month to 17, recorded a total of 30 cases of adult severe flu cases, including 10 cases of death. Data show that last month from 29 to 17 this month were recorded 82 cases of adult severe cases, including the case of 22 deaths, serious complications and case 6 cases of flu related children. Among them, 69 people were infected with influenza A (H1N1); 7 were infected with influenza B; 5 were infected with influenza A (H3N2); and 7 were infected with influenza A (without subtype). The data also show that earlier this year during the winter flu season, there were 647 cases of adult severe cases, including 501 cases of death, another 18 cases of children with severe cases, including 1 cases of death. In addition, from 7 to 13 this month, 1000 cases were diagnosed in the emergency department, of which 297 were influenza like symptoms, which were higher than 223 cases in the previous week. 香港流感活跃度升一周录30宗严重个案 10人死亡-搜狐新闻 流感肆虐,一周录30宗严重流感个案。香港《星岛日报》网站 资料图片   中新网2月19日电  据香港《星岛日报》网站报道,香港卫生防护中心最新的监测数据显示,香港整体流感活跃程度持续上升,由本月12日至17日,共录得30宗成人严重流感个案,包括10宗死亡个案。  数据显示,由上月29日至本月17日共录得82宗成人严重个案,当中包括22宗死亡个案,另有6宗儿童流感相关的严重并发症个案。其中,有69人感染甲型(H1N1)流感;7人感染乙型流感;5人感染甲型(H3N2)流感;及7人感染甲型流感(未有亚型)。  数据又显示,今年初的冬季流感季期间,则有647宗成人严重个案,当中包括501宗死亡个案,另有18宗儿童严重个案,包括1宗死亡个案。另外,防护中心于本月7日至13日,录得急诊科每1000宗诊断个案中,有297宗属流感病类症状,高于前一周的223宗。相关的主题文章: