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Hong Xiuzhu, Secretary of Jiangsu: Nanjing has a special feeling for the KMT – Sohu news October 30th evening, the CPC Jiangsu provincial Party Secretary Li Qiang met with KMT chairman Hong Xiuzhu in. The intersection point Chinese KMT chairman Hong Xiuzhu led the China KMT delegation in October 30th 19:35 arrived at Nanjing Lukou Airport, to Nanjing and Beijing visit. That night, Li Qiang, Secretary of the CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee, met with Mr. Hong Xiuzhu in Nanjing. Deputy director of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the CPC Central Committee Chen Yuanfeng attended the meeting. Li Qiang on behalf of the CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee on the rate of chairman Hong Xiuzhu’s visit to the Chinese mainland delegation warmly welcome. He said, in a few days is the 150 anniversary of the birth of Mr. Sun Zhongshan, in this memorable day, with President Hong Xiuzhu and China Kuomintang friends meet in Nanjing, feel very happy. Li Qiang introduced the economic and social development in Jiangsu and Sudeten exchanges and cooperation achievements that Jiangsu and Taiwan popularity dates, cultural similarities, economic integration, both deep historical roots, but also the reality of close contact. The development of Taiwan funded enterprises in Jiangsu shows the characteristics of large scale, high degree of industrial agglomeration, excellent investment structure, wide regional distribution and good prospect of benefit. This afternoon, we held in Jiangsu Province, "purple" awards ceremony, Taiwan funded enterprises in Jiangsu, the outstanding performance of the roots were commended. We will continue to support Taiwan funded enterprises to upgrade, bigger and stronger, to further expand and deepen exchanges and cooperation in various fields Sudeten cooperation achievements benefit the two peoples to make. Li Qiang said that general secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly stressed that adhere to the 92 consensus, oppose Taiwan independence is the political foundation for the peaceful development of cross-strait relations. We express our appreciation to President Hong Xiuzhu and the Chinese Nationalist Party for their adherence to the "92 consensus", "Taiwan independence" and the peaceful development of Cross Straits relations. For Jiangsu, which is conducive to expand and deepen the Sudeten exchanges and cooperation, help to promote the well-being of compatriots Jiangsu and Taiwan, is conducive to the peaceful development of cross-strait relations, we will actively do, to promote. Hong Xiuzhu thanked the CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee and Secretary of the warm reception of Li Qiang. She said, Nanjing has a special significance to Chinese feelings and the KMT, we visit Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s Mausoleum tomorrow, the memory of the great achievements of Mr. Sun Zhongshan. Hong Xiuzhu said that despite the current difficulties in cross-strait relations, but the two sides of the connection can not be interrupted, cross-strait exchanges must continue. The Chinese KMT delegation to visit the mainland in order to cross-strait peace, in order to both sides of the trust, in order to cross the hope, this is not only for our generation, but also for our next generation. Today we sow the seeds of hope, looking forward to the future to blossom. Hong Xiuzhu expressed his admiration for the achievements of economic and social development in Jiangsu Province, thanks to the protection of the rights and interests of Taiwan businessmen and the care of life in Jiangsu. She said, Jiangsu is the most concentrated in the mainland Taiwan investment area, two times I have to go to Huaian to attend the Huaian Taiwan Forum, Jiangsu and Taiwan in the hope of good on the basis of the existing, to further strengthen exchanges and cooperation in economy and trade, culture, education and other fields, for the benefit of two.相关的主题文章: