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Hong Kong media said 15 f electromagnetic launch successful first flight level up super – Sohu Meifu Military Channel Reference News Network reported on November 10th: Hong Kong media said the mainland carrier technology was a major breakthrough, the PLA Navy fighter aircraft 15 alleged to have a base in Liaodong for the first time the successful use of electromagnetic ejection take-off, the mainland media refers to China with electromagnetic means the ejection technology with the same, Ford class nuclear powered aircraft carrier level up America’s latest launching, the future Chinese a new generation of aircraft carriers, aircraft or the use of electromagnetic catapult. According to Hongkong "Oriental Daily" website reported on November 10th, the 15 carrier fighter 8 suspected of a base in Liaodong Chinese first aircraft carrier electromagnetic catapult test machine, the catapult. This breakthrough, so that China made aircraft carrier construction entered a new stage of technology. News that success catapulted off the f 15 test machine is the last month to fly to Liaoning base. Reported that the traditional carrier steam catapult, overload intensity is too large for aircraft electromagnetic catapult is harmful, to solve this problem, the effective protection of aircraft structure, reduce the impact of the pilot’s body. The electromagnetic launcher can control each position of the electromagnetic device to adjust the ejection force output, and can be used to eject and take off the heavy weight fighter. The ongoing large-scale electromagnetic aircraft launch ground test only Chinese and america. The China electromagnetic catapult test device length of 120 to 150 meters, the effective part of track about 80 meters. Such a large electromagnetic catapult, the success of the 15 fighters of this heavy fighter catapult, that China close to a comprehensive utility in the related key technology. Report analysis, is expected to Chinese second generation aircraft carriers will use the new design of the electromagnetic launcher, then f 15 aircraft will be under heavy load, Large Shipboard AWACS and other platforms will also take off from the aircraft carrier, are of great significance. But "Liaoning", and the first domestic carrier 001A, will not be able to use electromagnetic catapult. It is reported that the electromagnetic launch technology is one of the core technologies of the aircraft carrier, currently only the U.S. Navy announced the successful development of the public, and installed in the Ford class nuclear powered aircraft carrier. The electromagnetic launch technology advantage is more safe and reliable, because compared with steam catapult, process of electromagnetic catapult acceleration is smaller and more uniform, structure damage to aircraft.相关的主题文章: