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Hong Kong media attention to Beijing’s migrant workers: life is not easy but do not want to return to the new rural network – in reference news network November 22nd Hong Kong media reported that the mainland Chinese City floating population are still living at the edge of the city. According to Hongkong’s "South China Morning Post" reported on November 21st, Qi Shumin (sound) in the capital of life has been 10 years, but he is still not much city public service. Reported that, as a farmer Chinese in the household registration system, Qi Shumin in Beijing, Beijiao to make a living by selling early, and make contribution, he is Chinese economic prosperity but still be ruled out one of the 270 million migrant workers in the economic tide in Chinese. His family lived in a temporary home with two rooms, located behind a brewery on the outskirts of the North Fifth ring. Winter, because there is no municipal heating system, they have to burn coal heating, but also shared with the neighbors public toilet, drinking water must also buy. Qi Shumin’s cousin said: "well water is polluted, we can only use water to wash dishes, laundry." She was washing clothes in an alley less than two meters wide. They paid 1600 yuan per month rent, no washing machine or TV, that is because they want to save money, but also because their homes may be removed at any time. Reported that this piece of housing in the next few years facing demolition, for a new railway station road. The railway connects Beijing with Zhangjiakou, which is 160 kilometers away, and will host the Winter Olympics in 2022 in the city of two. Qi Shumin’s breakfast consists of pancakes, porridge, chaos and eggs, a busy community of couriers, garbage recyclers, plumbers and builders. However, China’s economic prospects are likely to depend on whether or not to allow people like Qi Shumin to settle in the city. Although the central government has repeatedly promised to allow them to become urban residents, it is only a small town. Reported that, although the capital of daily life is very difficult, the possibility to obtain permanent residence is also very small, but Qi Shumin and his family still want to stay in Beijing, do not intend to return to a rural backwater or any nearby town. Reported that the central government announced in 2014 will promote the reform of the household registration system, but also to maintain restrictions on access to large cities. Michel, an assistant professor of Chinese Studies at the University of Nottingham School of business, told the China economic review that the reforms meant that the floating population could only move to places they didn’t want to go to". Qi Shumin’s parents came to Beijing about 6 months ago to help take care of his brother’s son, Qi Shumin, aged four. 65 year old grandfather said: "we are going to bring him back to Anhui kindergarten. The cost of education here is not affordable." Living in Beijing is not easy for Qi Shumin. He gets up at 2 in the morning and drives a second hand truck with his brothers, driving them from their rented house for about 2 kilometers to the restaurant where they work. They serve breakfast from 5 in the morning to about 10 in the morning and prepare for the next second days. Qi Shumin’s parents take care of his son and cook for the whole family. "We can earn 6 or $70 thousand a year. Money is not a lot…… Life is not easy相关的主题文章: