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Travel-and-Leisure Traveling can be monotonous without the help of a guide. And especially when you travel across a land of ancient historical wonder, the need of a professional travel guide is felt the most. As you are a foreign visitor, its obvious you know less about a place you are traveling on your vacation. You are not acquainted with the history, culture and the social behavior of the place you are traveling through. Due to ignorance of the local language and culture, you may fall sometimes in an un.fortable position. The need of a guide is felt most in a .pletely different cultural country like Cambodia. Cambodia is a country situated in the South-East Asian region with a rich cultural heritage in its account. The culture of Cambodia is well known as Khmer culture and reflects some mix from the Indian Hindu culture to the Chinese Buddhist culture. This country is world famous for its UNESCO world heritage of Angkor Wat, which is the single largest temple in the world. With lots of natural heritage and a rich and cultural heritage, Cambodia is a perfect land for world travel and tourism. To adventure the real wonder of this exotic nation, you must seek help of a professionally trained Cambodia Tour Guide. These guides are well trained and are recognized by the Cultural Ministry of Cambodia, who are well aware of the history and ancient culture of this country. These travel guides can help you to understand the ancient culture of this country and can shade light upon the ancient tradition and culture of this nation. With a profound understanding of the culture of the country, these guides can take you around about the local venues which are hard to find with the travel map of any country. They can guide you take a guided tour around the local markets and eating places where you can enjoy Khmer delicacies and spice up your moments. Siem Real is a town well known as the gateway to the famous Angkor Wat and Archeological park of Angkor region. The government recognized guides can help you while you travel Siem Reap. They can offer you great knowledge about the archeological culture and can guide you to discover some of the lesser known facts about this world famous wonder. With the help of Cambodia tour guide you can really enjoy your traveling and exploring the magnificent culture and traditional heritage of this wonderful land. They can offer you a profuse insight to your delightful travel while witnessing culture and the local traditions. More over these professionally trained and government recognized guides can be available to be hired by you at affordable costs. Also you will be in a fairer chance of protection with these guides as you might have in case of local non-certified guides. You have profuse dependency on your guide during your travel and these guides can help you out to offer you a delightful journey through out your travel Siem Reap. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: