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"Hide and seek" Game Trailer Wallace Huo hunt Wallace Huo death game player born in his photo studio burglary, gripped the dog in the manger! Directed by Liu Jie, Wallace Huo, Hailu Qin and Qian Wan starring movie "hide and seek", as this year’s suspense thriller the strongest sense of the quality of large, sustained attention caused many users to custom file since November 4th. Today, the film side issued a different "game" version of the trailer, with offbeat interpretation of "hide and seek", the classic game of thrilling color. The game starts with "hide and seek" Crazy "game" movie trailer will "hide and seek" in the serial murder, interpreted as a start cannot stop "hide and seek": three starring Wallace Huo, Hailu Qin and Qian Wan is the main game player of the game, a dangerous "helmet" will frantically, peeping into the track of them, each person’s life, completely disrupt their life. The game has thus become a huge crisis that no one can escape, once you have to pay the cost of life. Wallace Huo for the protection of family and the "helmet" brave battle, through the mysterious symbols searching murderer also have to beware of being found, startling step by step. Hailu Qin and Qian ran around hiding all the way, struggling to resist the fate of being hunted, but still can not escape the shadow of death enveloped everyone.   Qian Wan photo studio to break new sensory experience life home desperate for a war as the year’s most popular suspense thriller, "hide and seek" assembly has the strongest production team to create the film texture, make the serial killer story in the excitement outside the more extreme sense experience. The film invited "to the youth" photography guide Li Ran Zhang Jing, the film focused on creating a thrilling emotional atmosphere, realistic effect of icing on the cake. Won the South Korean Film Awards visual effects for PU Zhenglv to "hide and seek" as the action guide, he played in the play to the real, the chase, melee, plasma elements emerging in the film, xuemaibizhang. Music with "Si" mourning by the South Korean Dragon Award for Best Music Award Fang Junxi is responsible for the film, he boldly combines nursery rhymes, sound and music, let the movie sound more style, also more penetrating. The movie "hide and seek" a new clue (Beijing) Film Investment Co., Ltd., Asia movie Youth light CO produced, directed by Liu Jie, Wallace Huo, Hailu Qin and Qian Wan starring, especially in spring and summer, Dong Zijian starred friendship, the film is scheduled for November 4th landing in theaters nationwide, the oath gave a feast for the ultimate sensory the majority of the audience.相关的主题文章: