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Heilongjiang robbery homicide suspects cracked vault was found abandoned escape – Sohu news scene left a lot of cash. According to Xinhua news agency, Heilongjiang public security organs through 35 hours of fighting, Mishan robbery homicide bank vault 22 was successfully solved, the suspect Dumou, Zhang was arrested. 21 at 1:16 Xu, Heilongjiang City, Mishan Public Security Bureau received a report from a local bank duty officer, said the bank was stolen. After the alarm, Mishan City Public Security Bureau immediately mobilized related police rushed to the scene. The police after a preliminary investigation, and found the hospital door in the bank have a camouflage bag and a suitcase, there are a lot of cash, totaling 3 million 40 thousand yuan. Bank on the two floor of the duty room door closed, duty officer Wang has died. Through the retrieval of surveillance video, a man dressed in camouflage coat to open the vault, ready to withdraw cash, with money by bank watchman found to escape, abandoned money. After the incident, the Ministry of public security, the Public Security Bureau of Heilongjiang province Party Committee attaches great importance to the provincial public security department sent a working group to Mishan city command case investigation work. Jixi Public Security Bureau in conjunction with the Mishan Municipal Public Security Bureau set up a task force to carry out investigation work. After a thorough analysis of the case and the investigation of the investigation team, the case will soon determine the direction of the investigation, and the video in the body obsessed with color clothing, wearing glasses as the focus of the investigation carried out as a target. 22, the task force decisively to close the net, Dumou arrested the suspect, and obtain information on key areas of accomplice, launched large-scale search. 12 am, in the vicinity of the Mishan Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau found an uninhabited cottage and arrested the suspect zhang. After the interrogation, the suspect Dumou, Zhang confessed to the crime of robbery and murder. Currently, the case is under further investigation.相关的主题文章: