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Hefei intends to stop the taxi franchise use fee charge Tour – Anhui Channel – people.com.cn people.com.cn October 14 Hefei Xinhua (Han Chang) this afternoon, Hefei announced the network about cars and the detailed rules for the implementation of the draft, but also issued the "opinions" on deepening the reform to promote the implementation of the taxi industry healthy development of the draft, which and to reform of the taxi management system, stop charging compensation fees for the use of taxi business downtown parade. Mentioned in this article, Hefei City cruise car management rights are all free use, stop collecting paid use fee, has received the performance bond refund in full. The term of management right shall be 8 years, and the operator shall be re determined by fair competition after the expiration of the term. In the period of operation, the operators who have passed the examination by the municipal road transport management institution have priority in obtaining the right to operate. In the process of business operation, such as serious service quality problems, serious safety production accidents, serious illegal business operations, service quality and unqualified credit assessment, the management rights shall be recovered according to relevant provisions. The taxi operator shall not use the right to operate, through a one-time buyout or loan loaning, etc., to the driver on investment and risk management. Establish and perfect the management and allocation system of management right based on service quality and prestige. The new cruise car franchise may not change the main business, other business entities need to change the parade car in time, go through the alteration formalities in accordance with the laws and regulations prescribed procedures and conditions, and shall not be allowed to transfer speculation. In addition, it is forbidden to charge high mortgage to the driver, and the existing mortgage money should be reduced too high. (Zhang Lei, Guan Fei: commissioning editor)

合肥拟停止收取巡游出租车经营权使用费–安徽频道–人民网 人民网合肥10月14日电(韩畅)今天下午,合肥公布了网约车实施细则征求意见稿,同时也发布了《关于深化改革推进出租汽车行业健康发展的实施意见》征求意见稿,其中,拟对出租车管理制度进行改革,停止收取市区巡游出租车经营偿使用费。 文中提到,合肥市区巡游车经营权全部实行无偿使用,停止收取有偿使用费,已收取的履约保证金全额退还。经营权期限为8年,届满后以公平竞争方式重新确定经营者。 在经营期内经市道路运输管理机构考核合格的经营者,优先取得经营权。对经营过程中出现重大服务质量问题、重大安全生产责任事故、严重违法经营行为、服务质量信誉考核不合格等情形的,按有关规定收回经营权。 出租汽车经营者不得利用经营权,通过一次性买断或要求垫资、借款等方式,向驾驶员转嫁投资和经营风险。建立完善以服务质量信誉为导向的经营权配置和管理制度。 新增巡游车经营权不得变更经营主体,其他巡游车在期限内需要变更经营主体的,依照法律法规规定的程序和条件办理变更手续,不得炒卖和擅自转让。 此外,严禁向驾驶员收取高额抵押金,现有抵押金过高的要降低。 (责编:关飞、张磊)相关的主题文章: