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He was the successor of KG and the goddess do it makes Durant envy Lillard buckle up shame wave god! The Blazers’ 16 season ten big wonderful dunks have such a group of players in NBA history, whenever you mention them, they could not help but sigh, they gifted full of wit, but because of various reasons, failed to achieve the expectations of the people not only obliterate all achievements, even the poor, the protagonist Daliusi – Meyers is such. The latest news about Meyers is that he went bankrupt, he paid a total of $66 million during the NBA game, and other commercial endorsements, but the money has been squandered by Meyers. Now Meyers assets of only $460 thousand, while his debt is $1 million 570 thousand, insolvent. See that a cigarette dangling from a face of the vicissitudes of Meyers, you will be very difficult to contact him and that KG has a "successor" of the talented teenager together. In NBA there are many stories about the injury, Meyers unfortunately became one of them. October 9, 1981, Meyers was born in Illinois, Baer. Since ancient times, the hero of the juvenile, Meyers high school during the shock of the United States, he was in the East Saint Louis high school last year were cut 22 points, 12 rebounds and 7 blocks, was elected Illinois basketball player. Meyers’s NBA team is to appreciate his talent, he is 2.06 meters in height, arm span up to 2.25 meters, explosive force and spring force is astonishing, moving very fast, especially on the defensive end, can prevent from the box to the three point in a flash outside. "He is a genius," high school coach Benny Lewis said of Meyers, "he runs around, he is a master of defense rebounds, the area is extremely strong." After graduating from high school, Meyers had wanted to go to college, he made a commitment to join the Saint John University, but failed to pass the exam results. So, Meyers made the decision to enter the NBA. "I told him, if you want to go to the University, the off-season can go to NBA, but can make a lot of money," said coach Lewis. The 2000 draft, Meyers in the first round of third by the Clippers took off. Meyers became the highest draft high school student in the NBA draft at the time, the record was broken by Kwame – a year later – by the way of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in the United states. Meyers’s favorite NBA player is Garnett, and he also graduated from high school to enter the NBA, the shape of the two is quite similar. Take a look at the United States media reports, Meyers full of successors feel Garnett. In the draft, a scout pointed out that Meyers’s talent is really very good, but he has technical shortcomings, he needs to improve his outside shooting. Meyers with the advantage of the body can easily break through the defense to the basket to score in high school, but met in NBA and stronger defender, he needs to fire outside. The Scout view, Meyers said: "a contemptuous disregard, until they can not let me freely into the penalty area. I will start practicing three pointers." Crazy crazy capital, when Meyers really talented, but there is a same young team, the year that support the Clippers from talent, really good. Odom meets his teammates.相关的主题文章: