Harbin, more than 200 children after the onset of part of the diagnosis of infection with EB virus-yo te amo

Harbin more than 200 children swimming after the onset of EB infection – diagnosis part of Beijing, JINGWAH Times News (reporter Fan Rui intern reporter Han Xueyan) recently, the swimming class swimming club in Harbin City, more than 200 children after appear high fever, eye swelling and other symptoms. Reporters learned yesterday, some children have been diagnosed with EB infection and pneumonia. Someone swimming club said it would bear the cost of treatment of students. Harbin City Health Department said that the current disease control departments have taken water samples, the specific reasons are under further investigation. Children infected with the virus after the swimming lesson the reporter saw in Harbin city swimming club swimming class rights group yesterday, the number of incidence of parents of children spontaneously statistics has reached 225. Many parents said, the child before the body is healthy, the children in the swimming club recently after class home has sustained high fever, eye irritation, nose and throat cough flow inflammation symptoms, the hospital for bacterial infection. Ms. Chen said, their child high fever of 41 degrees Celsius, treated in the hospital for several days is not fever, when the hospital found that many children are swimming in the swimming pool after the sick in hospital, we may be aware of the problem of the swimming pool." In these infected children, only 6 years old little Xu (a pseudonym) infection is very serious. Dad from Mr. Sha, from at the beginning of August 6th to swimming club class. At the end of the five class, high fever, cough symptoms suddenly appeared similar in August 16th. The Second Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University from the diagnostic results, suffering from herpes angina. The next day, from now on in Harbin infectious disease hospital was diagnosed as viral and bacterial cross infection, two with pneumonia. For a week in the hospital, from foot and mouth disease was diagnosed with pneumonia, encephalitis, viral infection, EB (suspected), myocardial injury (suspected). Public data shows, EB virus is one of the causes of many kinds of malignant tumors, the main infection of B lymphocytes and epithelial cells, which can be caused by infection of B cell lymphoma, nasopharyngeal carcinoma and gastric cancer can cause infection of epithelial cells. Swimming pool sanitation license expired reporters from the enterprise information online inquiry that, Harbin city swimming club was founded in May 19, 2005, financed by Harbin city swimming sports training center, is a business unit. Operating range of swimming pools, fitness, etc., but the swimming pool of the health permit valid until June 6, 2016, has expired more than 2 months. Yesterday morning, the fish swimming club held a meeting for parents. Harbin city swimming training center admitted students physical abnormalities related to water quality, said the registration of all student information, including outpatient, hospital, pharmacy, claims, and promised to retain rights of parents sick students follow-up treatment claims and traceability. Reporters from the swimming club responsible person director Sun Department learned that at present after preliminary statistics, most of the students had abnormal physical class in children’s experience area of the pool, time at the end of July so far. 23 Harbin Center for Disease Control and prevention has come to the swimming club.相关的主题文章: