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Han nationality give up evade military service record high number of members: to establish new strategies in a network – the latest statistics show that this year the number of Korean nationality give up to 25 thousand people, is 4.8 times the number of South Korea nationality. South Korea to give up their nationality is mostly to the United States and other developed countries to settle, in addition to foreign nationals can also escape military service. South Korean KBS television said 19 days, at the end of July this year, South Korean nationality give up for the 25 thousand people who obtain Korean nationality for 5307 people. The last 10 years, the Korean nationality to give up a total of 210 thousand people, in order to obtain Korean nationality (140 thousand) of the 1.5 times. Some members considered that Koreans renounced immigrants to other developed countries, countries must make the countermeasure, make like-minded people to restore to the national trust, hope for the society; as part of the military to avoid renunciation of nationality people, should be limited to send them for visa, strengthen tax plan. South Korea, Central Daily News, 19, said that this year due to give up the number of Korean nationality exempted from military service up to 4220 people, a record high. This year, a total of 270 thousand recruits, which means that one out of every 65 people to give up their nationality exempt from military service. The information submitted by the South Korean military affairs department, the past 5 years of military duty object (aged between 18 to 40 years) in which the number of people to give up their nationality, the number increased year by year. From the point of view of citizenship, the United States to join the most, followed by Japan and canada. Reported that over the past 5 years to give up the South Korean nationality 17 thousand South Koreans, for students to acquire a foreign nationality and other long-term living reason give up after South Korean nationality accounted for 90.4% of foreign born with dual nationality later foreign nationality accounted for only 9.6%. Statistics show that 27 of the current senior government officials in South Korea, the children of the South Korean nationality due to give up the exemption from military service obligations of the 31. Mr Jin Zhonglu believes that parents have enough economic strength and social status of the children to study abroad for long-term retention of foreign, family background and even affect the obligations of military service, the unfair phenomenon that Korean society. Global Times special correspondent in South Korea Wang Wei]相关的主题文章: