Halloween game rental after drunken young model things can’t be described-jodie foster

Halloween game rental after drunken young model things can’t be described according to Taiwan media reports, this weekend on Halloween, many artists also catch up with the tide of costume party! Can not think of the actress Li Yanjing now came from the dispute with the taxi driver, she burst by the driver from the car pulled off, kick and slap, finally both sides melee, she sent medical blasting cry, after two people because of the ongoing dispute handcuffed to the "Taipei district" news. It is reported that Li Yanjing and the female friends in the vicinity of the Xinyi District nightclub on most accounting process car, originally expected to Songshan Road, can not think of the driver suddenly furious, asked two people to pay off, but Li Yanjing refuses, the two physical conflict. Famous artist Li Yanjing Li Yanjing in the chest, at 30, and female friends in nightclubs Halloween party, with a drunk yellow taxi to leave, because of dissatisfaction with the driver and urgent brake pedal to the metal, resulting in two people want to vomit, Lee asked the driver: "intentional matter right!" The driver heard unhappy, two people get off to stop bullying, Li Suiji shouted: "give me to the destination." Taking the boots mengchuai driver seat, two women and a man in the street and blatant melee bite, even boots heel kick was also broken, because the two sides mutual control damage, the prosecution questioning after Li Yanjing and his friend Paul. The driver was convicted of restricted residence. Someone’s driver Li Yanjing participated in the contest after entering showbiz, 2009 her endorsement bra, 32C perfect curve suction eye, and later participated in several movies and television drama performances, two years ago she was drunk after being KTV pick up the corpse, and last year it was alluding to the transnational prostitution case L actress, she also vowed to refute It is sheer fiction.. But yesterday the driver drunk after the foul mouthed melee, netizens criticized: "it is Makiyo2.0." It is reported that according to Li Yanjing Li Yanjing, the sun was injured, was born in May 25, 1985 in Tainan, graduated from the Tainan City Private EVA girls high school, Taiwan Chinese models, female artist. Sixteen year old as a model work, the 2005 World Chinese American runner up winner, miss Taiwan international representative in 2005, Miss World Network in Asia in the world championship in 2005. In August 2005 to enter the showbiz pageant posture. In 2007, by the International Miss Teen World Third International Beauty Pageant Godfather history Sizhi executive called genius pageant. Li Yanjing live at 2 pm, there are users especially Damao will friend to take videos to share public Facebook group "broke the commune", yellow taxi driver violence picture that in the process of exposure, see Li Yanjing in an attempt to keep the violence of the driver to leave, did not think the driver was caught back, Li Yanjing will catch a hit the door, see friends said Li Yanjing was the driver kick fly, with the car forward theory has also been friends kick fly, netizen PO said too exaggerated. The Po video capture, Li Yanjing was the driver kick fly (source: ifeng.com editor: WB) Sina statement: sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: