Guangzhou Bandung high pass four jingubang detonated a Funds – Sohu

Guangzhou Bandung: high pass four more confidence to do A shares of Sohu stock jingubang exploded Tuesday morning bulls continue to force counterattack, in one fell swoop recovered 2800 mark. No doubt the maintenance of stability for high signal clear release into the market Wenxin keliji strong, and the four golden force while A shares firm confidence to do more, do more atmosphere or will continue. Four jingubang detonated A shares in the year of the monkey are: one is in the periphery began warming after the tragic fall, A shares counterattack manufacture of a good atmosphere; the two is NPC and CPPCC policy is expected to heat up, forming a positive stimulus for investor sentiment, which further increases the power of multi; three is the RMB exchange rate rose sharply, not only recovered this year’s "lost", but also its biggest one-day gain in the next ten years, weakening the investors on the market liquidity attenuation concerns; four is the central bank Chinese care market funds face action does not stop, to carry out 30 billion yuan of 7 day repurchase operation. The total market in the hesitation to rise, we Guangzhou Bandung that Prime Minister Li Keqiang categorically said the government will continue to maintain stability, as long. At the same time, NPC and CPPCC time window approaching, the reform is expected to rise, speculation atmosphere is warming, attract outside capital return, management also has to support the task of maintaining stability, in addition, the enterprise registration system delay expected holdings continued to increase, the government economic initiatives to strengthen the stability of many favorable factors superimposed also gives A shares imagination. Therefore, the operation of the proposed short positions or low positions investors re running approach to grab chips, on the main route of speculation, bold bargain, fully grasp this rare wave of spring, but still can not chase blindly, after all, is not a unilateral rising market; but too heavy for the position of investors, but also actively use short-term rebound window position good adjustment and optimization, the emerging industry is focused on the transformation of the direction and meet the "13th Five-Year" plan in key areas. Including new energy vehicles and intelligent cars, intelligent manufacturing, health care, energy conservation and environmental protection, new materials, cloud computing, big data, Internet of things and other potential targets.

广州万隆:高层传递做多信心 四道金箍棒引爆A股-搜狐证券   周二早盘多头继续发力反攻,一举收复2800大关。无疑高层明确释放的维稳信号为市场注入了强劲的稳心剂,且四道金箍棒同时发力,坚定做多信心,A股做多氛围或将延续。   在猴年引爆A股的四道金箍棒分别为:一是外围在惨烈下跌后开始转暖,这为A股反攻制造了良好氛围;二是两会政策预期升温,对投资者情绪形成正面刺激,从而进一步增加了多方的力量;三是人民币汇率大幅攀升,不仅收复了今年“失地”,还创下十年来最大单日涨幅,减弱了投资者对市场流动性衰减的担忧;四是中国央行呵护市场资金面的动作不停歇,开展 300亿元人民币7天期逆回购操作。   行情总在犹豫中上涨,我们广州万隆认为,李克强总理斩钉截铁地表示政府将继续维稳,为多头打气。同时,两会时间窗口临近,改革预期上升,炒作氛围升温,吸引场外资金回流,管理层也有维稳护盘的任务,此外注册制延迟预期出现、企业增持持续增加、政府维稳经济举措加强等诸多利好因素叠加也给予了A股充分的想象空间。   因此操作上建议空仓或仓位偏低的投资者可重新跑步进场抢筹,紧盯主力炒作路线,大胆逢低吸纳,充分把握这一波难得的春风,不过仍不可一味的追涨,毕竟目前还不是单边上涨的行情;而对于仓位过重的投资者,也可积极借助短期反弹窗口做好仓位调整和组合优化,把目光聚焦于符合转型大方向的新兴行业和“十三五”规划重点领域。包括新能源汽车与智能汽车、智能制造、健康养老、节能环保、新材料、云计算大数据、物联网等潜力标的。相关的主题文章: