Guangxi Department of education ordered the two refused to be recorded in the school students

The Guangxi Department of education ordered two rejection was recorded immediately rectification school – Society – original title: Guangxi education department ordered two school of business school and immediate rectification recently Guangxi Guangxi electrical and industrial school for students come to reject students events after the media exposure, caused widespread social concern. For the reasons for the incident and the subsequent placement of students refused to register the situation, the the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Provincial Department of education yesterday responded. Guangxi business school in 2016 plans to recruit 900 people, the actual issuance of admission notice of more than 2 thousand copies. August 20th, Guangxi industrial and commercial school 2016 freshmen enrollment, the school enrollment in the afternoon at 3 to reach a total of more than and 900 people, then there are still many students have come to report. Due to the limited conditions of school accommodation, it is difficult to arrange for all students enrolled. Guangxi School of mechanical and electrical industry in 2016 plans to recruit 1600 people, the actual issuance of admission notice of 2000 copies. In August 21st, 22 is the new registration day, the 21 day of Freshmen of 1935 people, the school had an emergency stop registration, and issued a full enrollment notice on the evening of August 21st. Some students who hold the admission notice after receiving a notice of fear that the child did not learn, and to the media to reflect the situation. After the incident, the Guangxi Department of education attaches great importance to vocational school principals meeting held on August 24th, to understand the situation, research approach, two schools ordered immediate rectification, and help the two school freshmen admission and triage work, guide and supervise the schools corresponding living facilities and teaching facilities, ensure the entrance students should be able to study and life. Guangxi industrial and commercial schools in accordance with the deployment of the Department of education, the rapid release of teachers and some of the rest of the office space, the placement of students reporting. At the same time contact with nearby hotels, hotels, timely placement of students and parents. Issued a notice on the official homepage of the school, to the registration and accommodation for parents and students about school students enrolled in other schools, divert traffic. As of August 23rd 18, the school enrolled a total of freshmen, more than the original plan to recruit more than 106 people, all students enrolled in the requirements of all enrollment has been arranged for admission to the. The Guangxi Department of Education under the guidance of Guangxi Electromechanical industry school in August 22nd according to the plan to Nanning city station reception point, ready to report the new reception and interpretation work, truthfully inform the school enrollment of students, and 6 admissions not full of other high-quality vocational schools for students to choose for the above measures at present, the new order to report for the relevant admission procedures, the other does not receive the new school by turn professional and other measures have been properly placed. As of press time reporter, the two schools require all enrolled students have all been enrolled in the registration. Guangxi Department of education has also set up a recruitment hotline hotline 0771-5815181, assigned a person responsible for answering calls to students and parents to answer questions. At present, Guangxi secondary vocational school enrollment overall standard smoothly, other secondary vocational schools has not yet found such a situation. Guangxi Education Department, said the next step will be the next相关的主题文章: