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Guangdong Media: coaching is not difficult to but who top Lipilai Orangemen can? In the teeth of the storm Gao Hongbo in a world that’s must win the game, Gao Hongbo in the adventure squad and play lost, this is the battle of syria. At such a crucial battle, a misstep coach makes the national football game. In the game, the team shooting 8 feet without foot shot is, even on the offensive end without a threat of attack, such a game, let a person look really bad. In the international body and shape in the trough of the state, so the team is not familiar with the adventure to try back 5, this approach itself is worth discussing, and it is a local coach made a bold attempt, after the failure of nature led to a questioning of the sound. In fact, as a coach, when there is no judgment error, Gao Hongbo as the local coach in the most studious and pragmatic representatives, to sit on the national coach position itself is quite easy. In such an important game, the local coach wants to try this adventure game, and there is no right or wrong. However, his idea was eventually proved to be wrong, not only the national football players are not familiar with the new lineup, even the most simple ball on the field can’t complete. And in the face of great pressure, the Chinese football players did not play their own level. Look, Gao Hongbo for the first time in the national football coach, is in no sound condition to be replaced by Camacho, in March this year, he stepped in and led the Orangemen two round of 12 match game, the football association related personnel let Gao Hongbo continue to teach, is also a year when owed. Gao Hongbo was but many people are in the right, applauded. The sacking of Gao Hongbo is not very difficult, Chinese rich football association also afford greater fame coach. However, the marshal Camacho has proved no, little known Perrin with real, do you still think that a coach will be able to solve the problem? Are you sure Lippi will be able to be more able to perform wonders? I’m afraid is on old Camacho because the problem is not China football to a coach can solve and the quality of the players there, inside and outside environment where these are not be able to change a little while. Today’s situation, the Orangemen really has been standing on the edge of the cliff, the team has no retreat, if the football association to continue to use Gao Hongbo, to accept his stubbornness and idea.相关的主题文章: