Graffiti Chen Zhicheng appeared to apologize and participate in cleaning up the traces of the short -misao

Graffiti appeared Chen Zhicheng apology and involved in the cleanup traces of short-term difficult in addition to the new network in the newspaper news (reporter Li Zewei) Fangshan red handwriting graffiti guaishishan ten scenic landscape stone, graffiti "Chen Zhicheng" appeared yesterday, he is responsible for management of Mount Huangshan village apologized by telephone, and personally involved cleaning. It is understood that he was on the mountain for only advanced in age to painting, has been to the village leaving their contact information, and that will be involved in the cleanup work in the next few days. During the Mid Autumn Festival, a garden condemned the uncivilized behavior of the post caused widespread concern. Users send 4 drunk stone forest was sprayed with red paint pictures. Photo shows the drunk stone forest landscape stone was sprayed on the "Chen Zhicheng 2016.9.1", "the lift changes created rugged Stony Mountains". These words are inscribed with the name "Chen Zhicheng", and the date is September 1, 2016. Beijing Youth Daily reporter then contacted the Mount Huangshan village high director, according to him, in the field of tourism is not only the friend told him, Chen Zhicheng is still the gold mountain, mountain, Flaming Mountains and other scenic areas are graffiti, destroyed are important landscape attractions, at least 13. Director of the high, the graffiti painted area, a word often 30 cm long. The trouble is, is not used in the paint, but the graffiti material, strong permeability, and those stones are exposed to the weather, severe weathering, penetrate into the inside it is difficult to deal with. He told reporters BYD, yesterday has brought people up the mountain, with 50 kilograms of these graffiti are thinner, although can be covered with graffiti words, but the original color of the color and thinner surrounding mountains do not ride, look very awkward, the original ecological environment still can not restore. The day before yesterday, he took people to the Fangshan area to buy other chemical materials. Yesterday afternoon high director told reporters BYD, the graffiti Chen Zhicheng, already before the media published reports of phone, call the Mount Huangshan village shop will admit mistakes, and said these will be writing clean. Yesterday, he appeared in the village of Mount Huangshan shop, face to face an apology, is a mountaineering enthusiasts, said he was on the rise, the attitude is very sincere apology, but also to clean up". Graffiti said his older, think the future may not often have the chance to climb the mountain, also thought here is not just to protect the area, common wild, made the uncivilized behavior. Yesterday he took the material, and they went up the mountain together with the director. High director, he brought the material is not enough, so can only wait two days to buy new materials continue to clean up, "he gave us the initiative to leave their contact information, said come back tomorrow and get together, I look at this posture, how have ten days to eight days to clean". High director said that this incident gave them a lesson, they will strengthen management, increase patrols, at least more than doubled. In addition, will also set up warning education card, "tell the tourists here is to protect the area, not wild, not just scribble, let everyone have a understanding".相关的主题文章: