Gold rose on Wednesday to a 15 week high of

Gold rose 1.3% Wednesday to a 15 week high of Dow Jones new real-time market News Corp research institutions holding financial information based materials industry client U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants Stocks – 4 am Beijing time, Wednesday, gold prices hit more than 3 months to a new high. The U.S. ISM service index fell to a two year low, leading to a weaker dollar and an increase in gold’s hedge investment appeal. Gold New York Mercantile Exchange gold futures for April delivery rose $14.10, or 1.3%, to close at $1141.30 an ounce, the highest since October 30th closing high. On Tuesday, gold prices edged down 0.1%. GoldCore research director Mark (Mark O Byrne) O’Byrne said: "that in the weak ISM services index January service sector growth slowed, the economic outlook for worry, the price of gold to get support." He believes that the weak ISM service index means that the Fed will be more likely to maintain interest rates unchanged." The Fed has taken 9 years to raise interest rates for the first time in December, but at the last policy meeting decided to keep interest rates unchanged, and that will be based on the development of economic and financial situation to determine the next action. Higher interest rates may boost the dollar’s exchange rate and reduce the attractiveness of gold to investment products with interest income. But Wednesday’s ICE dollar index fell sharply, enabling the dollar denominated gold price to be supported. Libertas Wealth Management Group CEO Adams (Adam Koos) – Marcus said: "if the stock market turbulence, we will see investors looking for hedging approaches, fled the stock market into the rest of the portfolio." Investors continue to wait for the latest payrolls data in the United states. Economists surveyed by the MarketWatch expect the U.S. unemployment rate to remain at 5% in January, with an expected increase in nonfarm payrolls by 180 thousand. AvaTrad, chief market analyst (Naeem Aslam) – Naim Aslam said: "the Fed broadly in wait-and-see mode, if there is any economic adversity, their current policies will come to a U turn." At the same time, silver futures for March delivery rose 44.5 cents, or 3.1%, to $14.734 an ounce. March refined copper futures prices rose 4 cents or 2%, to close at $2.095 per pound. Platinum futures rose 24.40 dollars or 2.9% in April to close at $880.10 an ounce. March palladium futures prices rose $24.25, or 4.9%, to close at $515.55 an ounce. (Zhang Jun)

黄金周三上涨1.3%创15周新高 道琼斯最新实时行情公司新闻公司研究机构持股财务信息基础材料行业客户端 美股行情中心:独家提供全美股行业板块、盘前盘后、ETF、权证实时行情   新浪美股讯 北京时间4日凌晨,周三金价创3个多月来新高。美国ISM服务业指数降至两年新低导致美元走软,提高了黄金的避险投资吸引力。 黄金   纽约商品交易所4月交割的黄金期货价格上涨14.10美元或1.3%,收于每盎司1141.30美元,创10月30日以来收盘新高。周二金价微跌0.1%。   GoldCore研究主管马克-奥伯恩(Mark O’Byrne)表示:“在疲软的ISM服务业指数表明1月服务业增长放缓后,对经济前景的担忧加重,使黄金价格得到支撑。”他认为,疲软的ISM服务业指数意味着美联储将“更有可能维持利率不变。”   美联储在12月采取了9年来的首次加息行动,但在上次政策会议上决定维持利率不变,并表示将根据经济与财政状况的发展来决定下次行动。加息可能推动美元汇率上涨,使黄金相对于有利息收入的投资产品吸引力降低。   但周三ICE美元指数大幅下跌,使以美元计价的黄金价格的得到支撑。   Libertas财富管理集团总裁亚当-库斯(Adam Koos)表示:“如果股市继续动荡,我们会看到投资者寻找保值途径、纷纷逃离股市,转入其他投资组合。”   投资者们继续等待美国的最新非农就业数据。接受MarketWatch调查的经济学家平均预期美国1月失业率将维持在5%、预计非农就业人数增加18万。   AvaTrad首席市场分析师纳伊姆-阿斯拉姆(Naeem Aslam)表示:“美联储大致上处在观望模式,如果出现了任何经济逆境,他们的现行政策都会来个U型反转。”   与此同时,3月交割的白银期货价格上涨44.5美分或3.1%,收于每盎司14.734美元。3月精铜期货价格上涨4美分或2%,收于每磅2.095美元。   4月铂金期货价格上涨24.40美元或2.9%,收于每盎司880.10美元。3月钯金期货价格上涨24.25美元或4.9%,收于每盎司515.55美元。(张俊)相关的主题文章: