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God Tucao day version: how to see the impact of the World Cup – country full of bitter rivals Sohu news since 1957, China had ten times the impact of the world cup, in which a successful nine failed, this is the phrase a close call. The road to the world cup so bumpy, not too much water is too much opposition. 60, the opponent for a wave of another wave, China is still on the road, so he is not a man easily defeated (some things can only do not say), even if defeated, to keep on fighting. Now, in the eleventh foot journey, once the foot (including black feet) the Orangemen tripped over halfway foes, and some have become irrelevant passer-by, such as Indonesia, Iraq, and others once again with the Orangemen territories, such as Iran, qatar. In any case, once or are competing for the same cup, it can be regarded as the fate of previous repair. Look at the Orangemen again fall in favour, again to climb up, wiped away the slobber, and continue to move forward, you bitter rivals can not help but want to say a few words in the foot (the following is purely fictitious, if there are similar, brain hole). Indonesia: as the first successful blocking Chinese team into the World Cup team, won this award is really guilty, because in 1958 the world cup that we did not go into, don’t we, the whole of Asia even representatives are not, therefore, it is full of imperialist conspiracy…… Now we do not want to participate in the world cup, and even the Asian Cup do not want to go, in Southeast Asia, we have a very happy! New Zealand: in fact, so far we have played two World Cup, the most recent is the world cup in South Africa, the group stage of the three games, one did not lose, did not win, and ended up as the most satisfactory results. Another is the 1982 World Cup in Spain, said the World Cup qualifier, a lot of people think the US and Saudi Arabia to do " " the China team, in fact some exaggerated, people always want to take some shit, we need a 5 to 0, the result is true the Saudi dry a 5 than 0, this is lucky, just like Maradona the hand of God, with whom you can argue? So don’t blame us Chinese team play, and finally do not play, we also win the real thing…… But go back and think about the world cup in Spain, we are not robbed of the Chinese team tickets, but battered coupons! Group match three defeat, a total of Scotland, the former Soviet Union and Brazil irrigation more than a dozen, even worse than the Chinese team in the world cup in Japan and South korea…… Well, not to mention the past, I wish the Chinese team good luck…… Hongkong, China: in 1985, although there is no return, but we and the Chinese team, after all, is a brother, the Chinese team can not qualify, we also feel sad, especially after the occurrence of such a bad thing. But this thing, also is a truer, the Orangemen was really disappointing, 28 foot shot only scored 1 goals, striker is myopia? Although the objective situation is even able to qualify, it will have to go all out! Milutinovic or well, attitude is everything. Although the work in the home court occupy the right place, but you are not a positive attitude towards the game, lost the ball blame? ]相关的主题文章: