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God finally introduced Island explosion! Ready to brush 8 times from the public, "playing the movie" (id:wan2movie) today the most exciting news — "" your name "the introduction of Chinese! Here is a look at the 480P suppressed a faint smile: "your name") after the shadow immediately attracted to detonate Japanese domestic audience, the film will introduce the mainland has become a lot of people’s concerns. A biography of them have been submitted ", while" outflow caused by copyright piracy due to fly ", rumors about the" Introduction "never break, but no official explanation, so many fans care-laden. Fortunately, we finally got a good result. (smile) "I believe everyone is familiar with," five centimeters per second "" leaf "Zhiting animation are from his hand. Dubbed the "desktop director," he will be realistic and realistic scenery beautiful reproduction of animation, each frame is perfect to be used as a desktop computer. The picture is beautiful and flawless, but pay attention to the mood and ignore the story has become his weakness, criticism. But in the new "your name", we see a different ". First of all, the beginning of the movie "Dongbao" impressively signs in the movie, this is no longer a reminder, a person in writing out "niche works are famous for the mainstream market there are number of works. Secondly, "your name" lively and dynamic, editing and camera movements frequently smooth, characters from the autism away, family friends, talk to each other jokes. However, the film still retains the iconic elements of the "aesthetic style and delicate, the setting of the story from the beginning of boys and girls who. Notice you think "your name" is about a teenage body switch comedy. Indeed, the film before the twenty minutes and the expected difference is not too much, the story unfolds in two among senior high school students from different areas. The girls live in clover away from the big city country missile, boys long live in the bustling city of Tokyo. For a time, they exchanged souls. They do not know each other, but there is a magical connection — they appear in each other’s dreams between clover and Otaki, they exchanged soul, they vaguely can perceive each other’s existence, it seems that in different place is another myself. Here is the boys and not put the girl in a distant feeling — two high school students, no reason to blend with each other, become each other another myself, this is too pure too romantic. However, the story is more complex than imagined. Living in Tokyo boys long by his non scene painted consciousness on the search for a three journey. Living truth beyond all expectations, three Shou Ting Department of falling in three years ago when the comet approaches the earth meteorite accident unfortunately destroyed, is now in ruins. There are long and three time three years apart. Originally, apart from innocent and romantic, "your name") and相关的主题文章: