Get rid of Ronaldo exposure Miss West legs a little sister breast let him not too cool-lightscape

Get rid of Miss Luo C exposed legs a little sister breast let him not cool de Lei self sina sports according to the Portuguese media reported, C Luo broke up with former Miss Spain de Lei – Cordero on Halloween day, now return single state. C Ronaldo had been on the other half of his secret, after the Russian supermodel Elena, he never published a new girlfriend. But the Portuguese media, since September, C Ronaldo has actually been in contact and de Lei, maintained the actual relationship between male and female friends of two people, not just announced. Lei: sweat. However, this relationship seems to be soon come to the end point, the Portuguese website "Flash Vidas" said, on Halloween, C Ronaldo and de bud break up, the restoration of the single state, the distance he and Miss Spain to live only two months. The website disclosure, C Ronaldo is to get rid of de Lei, is unhappy and angry as the latter, C Luo believes that the former Miss Spain has been using his own fame, she has a high desire for fame, which makes him feel unhappy. Former Miss Spain as the 2014 Miss Spain breast legs, de Lei is very active in social networks, she has 168 thousand fans on Instagram, often some of the sun show wonderful shape pictures, but she never posted any relevant content and C ronaldo. (LEGION)相关的主题文章: