Geng Exhibition seeking snow opening the New Trailer scene show

Geng Exhibition "seeking" snow opening the New Trailer scene show exhibition "seeking Geng snow" in late October 29, 2016 7 opening in the 8 two Whitehall art. Attended the opening ceremony of the chairman, former dean of Paris Academy of Fine Art Association 8 cable (Henry-Claude Cousseau) Mr. Gu, Sui Jianguo, Tony Brown, founder of art 8 (Christine Cayol) Ms. Jia Yue, Embassy and celebrities etc.. The opening ceremony of the scene of the guests Ms. Yue good thanks. She said: "as an artist of the 8 China Youth Artist Award of the year of art, the art of art has been completed for the past two months, and I am very pleased to be able to share her works with you tonight.". At the same time, I am very honored to go to the 2016 session of the 8 Chinese art? China young artist award jury member Sui Jianguo, Tony Brown and we witness this experimental film exhibition." Then the speech of Ms. Yue Zhongjia support for the Arts Award for 8 long Hermes Enterprise Foundation (Fondation D Entreprise Hermè s) thanks. This award does not exist any commercial property, is a common product of charitable action and the integration of Sino French cultural views." The following statement, Mr. Gu Geng snow on cable exhibition were evaluated, he said that this exhibition and Exhibition downstairs together, is the embodiment of poetic. He said: "in this exhibition, we will find that one side is the artist studio of Geng snow, one side is the projection of the art works show. Coincidentally, Geng snow film works and art exhibition hall 8 "made? Painting" in the artist Tony Brown’s works have a resonance, it reminds me of the artist Duchamp, full of poetic." At the same time, Mr. Gu Suo Geng said, snow paintings combine the art of photography, film art, clip art, video works 5 minutes like a trailer, it is more like a trip to lead the viewer of the snow geng. In this hundred years of history of Chinese and Western architecture in the traditional resident creation, as if a different kind of travel, at the moment, the young artist Geng Xue invited everyone to embark on a journey together." Tony Brown of the snow Geng expresses appreciation. "I was very surprised when I first saw the short film of the young artist Geng snow." He said Geng snow this year to become the 8 art? China young artist winner, once again confirms the award since the inception of the original selection and reward those talents, authenticity and uniqueness of time continue to be recognized by young artists. The opening ceremony for the first time in the screening of the latest Trailer Movie "Snow" the voice search geng. It is reported that this exhibition is an art in the snow Geng 8 resident three months after completion of the experimental version, exploration of the artistic language of the artist. The artist said the film "sound" as a clue, using a unique visual structure and narrative structure, let the story in the human and animal characters and actors, handmade pictures.相关的主题文章: