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Gansu Wuwei international inland port "to recover the original simplicity" go "West" – Beijing, China News Agency, Lanzhou, November 13 (reporter Feng Zhijun Wei Jianjun) on the edge of the desert green products for export are rising, dazzling all kinds of "foreign goods" within reach…… Have long been labeled "neither" offshore "nor" the border areas of the ancient Silk Road city of Gansu Wuwei label, in recent years, through the construction of the international land port improved year by year, from the depths of the northwest inland hinterland becomes an important business platform China opening to the west. Gansu (Wuwei) international inland port management office responsible person Wang Qichen, in an interview with News Agency reporters revealed that the mainland to Hong Kong since 2014 to start the implementation of Wuwei bonded logistics center, bonded import and export tax refund declaration port function has been fully played, opened the China Europe international freight trains to Central Asia in the column "Pegasus" at least every Monday class to normal operation. Spread out a map of the world, Gansu is located in the eastern end of the Hexi Corridor in Gobi oasis Wuwei westward to Central Asia Europe railway line is almost a straight line, compared China southeast coast westward export has a clear "distance advantage", coupled with some suitable for dry preservation of goods transport demand, Gansu (Wuwei) international inland port has been in Jiangsu Haian, Shandong Qingdao, Zhejiang Ningbo established 7 logistics bases. Located in the loess, Qinghai Tibet, Mongolia new three plateau convergence zone of Wuwei, ancient Liangzhou, history was the famous "Silk Road" hub. According to historical records, during the Tang Dynasty in Liangzhou, a large population, developed economy, business is very prosperous, from the western regions of the Hu merchants here. But with the decline of the ancient Silk Road, the former East West trade an important transfer station facing a long-term problem of looking for the sea. With the construction of Wuwei international port in recent years, which has long been plagued by the opening up of the local embarrassment to ease. Wang Qichen introduction, the inland port investment and construction projects in good condition, is currently under construction or the signing of the agreement of the 34 projects, investment of about 47 billion 500 million yuan, including Thai Industrial Park, Taiwan optoelectronics group, Meikailong billion and a number of Chinese and foreign enterprises have settled or are settled. "Please come in" at the same time, relying on the Wuwei international inland port, the Hexi Corridor on the edge of the desert green fruits and vegetables are also actively seeking "Zou xikou". Wang Qichen said, Zhangye green agricultural products of Jinchang black melon seeds, sunflower seeds, Wuwei black wolfberry variety has normal exported to Central Asia, the next step will be to open up the European market, and produced in Gansu in the eastern region of the Chinese herbal medicines are also eager". "For foreign trade including Wuwei, neither border nor coastal inland Northwest region, is indeed a novelty, but also an urgent demand." Wang Qichen said that the construction of an open export-oriented platform is a new growth pole of local economic development, at the same time through import and export exchange, there will be a new change for the development of philosophy and the local people and the surrounding areas of the way of life. Not long ago, Gansu (Wuwei) international inland port has also launched a global cross-border electricity supplier direct purchase experience center, through the international inland port and bonded logistics center in Wuwei import and export platform, all kinds of "dazzling foreign goods")相关的主题文章: