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Jewelry-Diamonds DimendSCAASI Jeweler is a top of the line jewelry store in Chicago. At Dimend SCAASI Jeweler, you can find engagement rings Chicago and custom wedding rings that will meet and satisfy your every need. Call us today and schedule an appointment with one of our jewelry experts, or schedule an appointment easy online at dimendscaasi… Although we love to sell diamonds online and know that it is more convenient for many people, our re.mendation is to .e in to your store and get a close up look for yourself before purchasing a diamond. Our jewelers are very informed when it .es to diamond shopping and can assist you in finding engagement rings Chicago and custom wedding rings that will be perfect for you as an individual. Our engagement rings Chicago .e in many options and you are guaranteed to find the right choice for you. We have solitaire set rings, pave set rings, halo rings, side stone set rings, three-stone rings, gemstone set rings, and brand new designs that you can take a look at on our helpful and informative website. We give you millions of ways to design and customize your special engagement ring and know that, whatever the out.e, you will be more than pleased with it. Our new designs for engagement rings Chicago include Lorien, which is a g.eously elegant modern diamond ring that is Solitaire and fits with any type of wedding band. To give you an idea about prices, the 14kt White Gold is $900, the 18kt White Gold is $1000, and the Platinum is $1500. Other new designs include Leila, Zaya, Juliet, Alessandra, Amelie, Zooey, Noemi, Malia, Elle, Callie, Talia, Erika, Mikaela, Sasha, Lieve, Ovate, Ti Amo, Arabela, Camille, Milena, Madeline, Sofia, and Natalee, just to name a few. The new designs are creative cuts and are beautiful so you definitely need to take a look at our website before making an appointment to get a feel for the great options you will have to look at and choose from for your engagement rings Chicago. Get your custom wedding rings at DimendSCAASI Chicago. We have options for men, ladies, and also ladies anniversary rings as well for celebrating in the future after you say I do. Options for men include Goldfiner, Celtic Eternity Knot, Down the Middle, Double Rims, Beveled Edge, Concave, Double Groove, Secret Ring, Over-the-Edge, Over-the-Edge Plus, which is a g.eous design, Feel of Luxury, For the Brilliant Man, Brick Road, Bezel Set, Corded Border, Raised Brick Road, and Forever Classic, just to name a few. The choices for women and ladies anniversary rings are just as broad as the choices for men and are stunning. To get a feel for the choices you can choose from before setting an appointment, check out our website and search the section for wedding rings to fin your perfect custom wedding ring at DimendSCAASI Chicago. We know you will be satisfied with our options and will want to book an appointment to see us as soon as possible. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: