Funny bird biography was held in front of the happy Carnival reflected much praise

"Funny bird biography" Carnival held early point mapping highly acclaimed "funny bird biography" to create a theme Carnival 17, animated film "funny bird flying" Gaiden: Adorable treasure happy carnival theme activities held in Beijing, and held a special point, harvest praise. Reporters at the scene in the carnival theme activities, the film side set up diverse film related games, attracting a large number of children to participate in the film, cute adorable stay also full debut, causing the children screamed. "Funny bird flying" Gaiden: Adorable treasure by once directed "neighbor wars" and "Sara Marshall" forget the famous comedy director Nicholas Stoller and for "magician and rabbit" Oscar nominated for best short film animation director Doug Eastwood Rand Co directed. "Funny bird swordsman" dolls and children warm interaction this piece is also Warner movie animation studio following the "Le tall movies" after the launch of the second animated feature film masterpiece, the classic fable "Songzi stork" to new forms of animation on screen. About the excellent stork courier Junior promotion soon, but accidentally created adorable treasure disrupted plans. In order not to let the boss found mistakes in his work, Junior and the stork hill only human girl Xiao Yu made the most unlikely combination Express – History – "send treasure commando", a bird started a crazy adventure express baby. The reporter understands, "funny bird flying" Gaiden: Adorable treasure voice cast is also very eye-catching. It is reported that English voiced by Andy Samuboge played Jack in "detective" in God annoying, as "Jennifer Aniston" and Friends as autumn Green. While Chinese dubbing version is invited to create "crazy animal city" dubbing team effort. It is reported that the animated film "funny bird flying" Gaiden: Adorable treasure in September 23rd will be released in the country. Beijing, Beijing, September (reporter Zhang Xi) 17相关的主题文章: