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Hair-Loss Hair loss was a major problem among men and women across the world. It was a very distressing problem for them and even after a lot of tried and tested methods they still were not able to get rid of this loss. But now with advancement in medical science there is a new form to treat hair loss and that is FUE Hair Transplant! FUE Hair transplant can be done using the modern methods, and this technology allows the doctors to get this procedure done to repair the hair of the patient. It stands for Follicular Unit Extraction and it is a radical form of hair restoration surgery. It deals with the donor hair extraction where the separate follicular units are detached one by one and it is then transplanted back to the recipient region. FUE was basically founded by Dr. Ray Woods of Australia. A lot of doctors were not too willing to adopt this technique, but Dr. Woods along with Dr. Cole developed their own method referred to as The Cole Isolation Technique or CIT. They saw a lot of scope in this procedure as it was a scar less hair transplant technique. Today this technique has advanced a lot and there are a lot of techniques and instruments available to get this surgery done effectively. One can get the hair transplant done form Delhi as the hair transplant cost in Delhi is very affordable and .es in the .mon mans reach. The main difference between FUE and FUT is that Follicular unit Transplantation is .monly known as strip hair transplant procedure. It is an older method to extract the donor hair, where a surgeon removes a linear strip of hair and tissue from the back of the scalp. This removed tissue is then separated into distinct follicular units by the surgical doctors. It is then placed in the receding or balding regions of the recipient. Then the wound is closed with the help of sutures. The major disadvantage of this method is that the patient is left with a scar on the back an even the sides of the head. This scar would be easily visible if the patient would want to wear their hair short and the scar would stretch and increase over a period of time. The various strip procedures also permanently alters the course of hair growth along the perimeter of the scar. So now when you .pare the FUE with the FUT method, it can be seen that there are a lot of advantages. FUE method does not leave any scar and it also does not alter the growth of the hair. It is a less invasive method and so the healing and the recovery time are relatively faster. In this method the donor hair that is available is aggravated due to the FUE surgeons ability to produce the hair from the permanent regions which includes the nape of the hair or even the body hair. Get to know the about this surgery in Delhi as the hair transplant cost in Delhi is very affordable. It would restore your hair back in no time at all! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: