From the end of Dandong’s richest woman in Hong Kong, North Korea’s nuclear program specialist

From the end of Dandong’s richest woman in Hong Kong, North Korea’s nuclear program specialist wantonly – Sohu news 1 minutes reading tips Ma Xiaohong Department of Hongxiang an important partner, the shareholders of national insurance agency has always been fresh UN sanctions against North Korea included in the list of enterprises and their affiliates Ma Xiaohong in Hongkong a total of 9 companies under the name of Ma Xiaohong, five, Dandong Hongxiang general manager Zhou Jianshu under the name of four, the majority is "1 HK registered company" "Hongxiang was involved" deposit business. Molybdenum is an important strategic mineral resources reserves in the world, North korea. But Hong Xiang related enterprises approved business scope does not include the rare metal Ma Xiaohong became the National People’s Congress of Liaoning province in 2013, but have recently been investigated in Liaoning bribery case, the 425 Liaoning Provincial People’s Congress to resign, the name of Ma Xiaohong in Hongkong at the beginning of winter, Hong Kong Building No. 1501 door piled outside hundreds of successful undelivered letter, some letters are yellow, here was a shipping company Dandong mysterious female businessman Ma Xiaohong registered in Hong Kong. In the distance Yugang building one kilometer outside the Kennedy male commercial building 17 layer, Ma Xiaohong is a registered address in Hongkong the vast majority of the company’s location. Ma Xiaohong is unlikely to open the letters himself. In September 15th, the Liaoning Provincial Public Security Bureau official micro-blog Ping Liaoning quietly released a message saying "Dandong Hongxiang industrial development limited company and the relevant responsible person suspected of serious economic crimes in trade activities, the public security organs in the master conclusive evidence, in the recent investigation of the company and the relevant responsible person, the relevant personnel involved are to accept the police investigation." And Ma Xiaohong is the actual controller of the company. 5 days later, the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs held a regular press conference. According to the media pointed out that Sino US cooperation in the investigation is suspected of helping North Korea to develop nuclear projects, including North Korea and close trade Hongxiang Industrial Development Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "Hongxiang industrial"). Lu said in response to the law, the relevant departments are in accordance with the law to investigate and deal with their economic crimes and other violations, and has recently announced the relevant information. "" through continuous isobath survey found that from December 23, 2008, the day before the Christmas Eve, Ma Xiao Hong registered a company called "Hongxiang 66 in Hongkong (Hongkong) after the ship company limited", and her henchmen continue in Hongkong registered company, to build a at least nine Hongkong companies. "Fleet". Yu Dandong started to catch up with the North Korean foreign trade, as well as the urgent needs of the era of foreign exchange, Ma Xiaohong. Dandong in the north and Hongkong in the south, has become an important base for many Chinese businessmen to stimulate and risk trade with North korea. In the far north, Ma Xiaohong has already compiled his own political and business relations network. In 2013, she became the twelfth people’s Congress of Liaoning province. However, almost as soon as Ma Xiaohong and Disasters pile up on one another., Hongxiang industrial involved checked at the same time, Liaoning bribery case investigation, in the list of 452 from the twelfth Liaoning Provincial People’s Congress on behalf of his staff, Ma Xiaohong’s name impressively. .相关的主题文章: