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Internet-and-Business-Online Over the years, a process of elimination has been going on, but it is noticed that some of the things that have worked over the years are very simple and seems to be basic sense, but they continue to give us edge in this industry and provide Innovated Media with some selling points that separates from other firms. Few of them are mentioned here. Stay Organized In any type of industry web designers, graphic designers and freelancers tend to me grossly unorganized. Its kind of a clich, but you need to get yourself organized and more importantly just appear to be organized. A few freelance web designers have zero organizational skills. Their desktops are terrible! If they would not be having a way to search and find files on their .puter, they’d be lost in 5 seconds. Your clients always wish to know that they can count on you to deliver what you said you could deliver without being scatterbrained and forgetting small details. If you don’t have good systems in place to handle new leads and proposals, invoices and receivables, and a heavy production schedule then it is impossible to do it. Return Phone Calls and Emails on Time If you promise a call to your client or potential client tomorrow then be punctual and call them. Respond to emails in less than 12 hours, and if you do not have answer for them right away then tell them you don’t know right now and you’ll get back with them. This is kind of huge. Be Reachable You need to be reachable to your clients so as if your client has something to tell you then they can have a conversation with you. However it is best to set expectations with them. Inform your clients that you don’t take phone calls during certain hours while you are doing production work. If your clients know when you are going to answer the phone then it will foster a better relationship and you’ll have a better shot at creating a long-term client, which is the goal. Well the best way is to tell your clients to email you because where ever you are you can check and respond to email and you can have a record of your conversations. This way if there are action items that .e from a conversation or request for work for you to do, you wont have to set a calendar appointment to .plete the task; it’s already waiting for you in your inbox. Check in Your Clients Regularly Check in on your clients regularly. If you haven’t heard from a client in a span of a month check in on them. This is pretty self-explanatory, but if most of your clients dont contact you regularly almost always then they might be having a project in mind or they would know that someone does. So always be in touch with your clients. Copyright 2012 About the Author: 相关的主题文章: