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"The summer" Zhang Xin Tan Songyun interpretation of love beauty partner – Sohu starred in "Fox entertainment Zhang Xin summer" Zhang Xin partner Tan Songyun "summer" Sohu fox entertainment news recently, jointly produced by Kang Xi pictures, from the linkage, in directed, Tan Songyun, Jiang Chao, Zhang Xin, starring young adorable idol drama "Fox summer" in Beijing filming. Zhang Xin plays Gu Jinyun as the drama starring Tan Songyun Jiang Chao, partner, Miss Fox staged a former boyfriend and now her boyfriend break dimension wall story, this is the first attempt to Zhang Xin youth fashion series, will be how to interpret Sunshine Youth, "summer day" broadcast to the fox. Zhang Xin Tan Songyun and Jiang Chao young would strike violently Zhang Xin in the fox’s niche "summer" lead actress in the two rich generation ex boyfriend, seemingly cynical, do not want to inherit the rich two generations, actually have their own dreams, to love pure dedication, willing to pay. Full of love and trust. There are a lot of scenes in the play with Tan Songyun, between two people, which cannot be predicted ex boyfriend and ex girlfriend would have happened the story became another major part of the play, Zhang Xin and Tan Songyun’s first collaboration will wipe out what kind of spark, in addition to the collocation feel very fresh, is also worth looking forward to the audience story line. It is reported that Zhang Xin character performances Sunshine Youth, hit the whole summer cultivation "drama Qingyun Zhi" will usher in the finale, Zhang Xin played in the drama and junior Stuart Shaw, many used Zhang Xin handsome appearance of netizens "surprise", "do not recognize, and beard hair styling was mistaken for powder Hu Ge, Huang Xiaoming, created a lot of oolong, in addition to sacrifice for the value of Yan Zhang Xin plot cast a layer of mystery and heroic. Zhang Xin in the previous works by age, the ancient style, "daughter" in the Asahi Nvzei official, "Sui Tang" in Jackie Chan, "Yu Zhi" Qingyun in Stuart Shaw, the return of handsome modern style, the audience can be more intuitive to see the Zhang Xin Youth Sunshine good temperament and solid acting, users forecast the fox broadcast "summer", my boyfriend will have one more choice.相关的主题文章: