Foreign media said Yanjiao into a new gathering of young artists Beijing rent is too expensive

Foreign media said Yanjiao into a new gathering of young artists: Beijing rent is too expensive in Yanjiao. (Xinhua News Agency) U.S. media said, the need for affordable studio artists often attracted to remote villages. A few decades ago, the influx of visual artists in the SoHo area of Manhattan helped to restore a declining factory and warehouse. According to the United States, "New York Times" website reported on October 30th, young artists also helped revitalize some of Broolyn’s neighborhoods, such as Fort Williams and Bush Vic. Similar patterns are also found in many other big cities, such as Berlin, Paris and Detroit. In a Chinese, about an hour’s drive from Beijing, the town of Yanjiao is absolutely unknown to the public in a similar situation through the influx of artists, but they don’t let the influx of tourists that may lead to revival of Fort Williams and SoHo. This is because the wood beams of these artists cheap studio lack of bare brick walls and furrowed by rain and wind. On the contrary, these studios are generally cement walls and metal fittings, and usually located in large apartment building is in. These idealistic but impoverished artists working in these apartments and living. Many of them graduated from the top art schools in Beijing. Reported that the high rents in Beijing to promote Beijing artists to occupy many low-cost Yanjiao, to pursue their dreams in there. Zhang Yongji, 27, is one of them. He said with a smile, "the only reason why artists live in Yanjiao is cheap." He finally settled in a small village called the South Bank of Hawaii. This is one of Yanjiao ‘s many – built, – styled, European – style residential quarters. In 2013, he and several friends launched OnSpace, which is an apartment from the experimental gallery. Over the past 10 years, the pace of urbanization and community transformation in Beijing. The non-profit arts organization "communication" China art co-founder Kira · Simon – Kennedy said: "these factors to consider other options business artists art space, including space in Yanjiao." In the past, many of the most famous contemporary artists in China came from some of the so-called art villages on the edge of the city of Beijing, where the rent was low and there was little interference with artistic creation. However, with the expansion of the scope of the city of Beijing, many small art villages were demolished for new development. He Miao, director of a museum of contemporary art in Beijing, said: "art is always pushed to the edge. In China, it is impossible to create contemporary art, urban and rural areas in the city." Yanjiao began to attract attention of the art group in 2006 that year, the Central Academy of Fine Arts in not far from the South Bank of Hawaii district where the establishment of a branch campus. Crafts shop, print shop and store quickly mounted like bamboo shoots after a spring rain like mushrooms, for life and work in the vicinity of the students, teachers and artists. The first artists in Yanjiao felt lonely. Yang Pange, 26, came to Yanjiao in 2012. He said: "when I first arrived here, I live in the building is completely empty, no lights at night. I am a person in the building." No one knows how many young artists are now home to Yanjiao, but OnSp"相关的主题文章: