For the sake of her boyfriend to take care of the guests 10 months old baby boy (Figure) coscoqd

The waitress took off for her boyfriend favor people 10 months old (Figure) Shiyan City, a 31 year old waitress from the hotel is not good, the body may also infertility, don’t want to be pregnant the pain of childbirth, but in order to stabilize and live in boyfriend’s feelings, even thought of a bad idea: turn to cheat a child to share custody. The evening of November 8th, she will be a hotel customer’s 10 month old boy abducted, home support. After the incident, the police less than 2 hours locked suspects. Eventually, the woman’s boyfriend persuaded to surrender to the police, the child was not hurt, peace back to her mother’s arms. 10 month old son, unexpectedly by the hotel waiter took Wang, 34 years old this year, is a housewife, who lives in the economic and Technological Development Zone, Shiyan city road. November 8th, her family came to a few guests, 6 o’clock that night, she was holding a big son of two and a half months, Hua Hua (a pseudonym) came to the Dongfeng company in the vicinity of a hotel in the vicinity of the hotel booking box 50. Then he held his son in the lobby of the hotel, waiting for the arrival of her husband and guests. The son looks pink, good love, several attendants front and hall came to tease him play, a young waitress in the hall also picked up the flowers flowers to play with a dog, Huahua was made straight smile oh. At 7:30 in the evening, the box open, Ms. Wang hugged his son in the box for a while to eat meal, flower can not sit, clamor to go out to play, Wang took a piece of bread to eat, fire, while holding his son out of the air. At this time, to the previously held Hua Hua hall waitress walked on with her son and affectionate greeting, Hua Hua also seems to love the maid, Wang threw Hua Hua handed her arms, her into the box, Hua Hua clipped a piece of fish, picking out the assassination. Then drink a bowl of soup, the whole process takes about ten minutes, and she came out, but found that the waitress and son are gone. The receptionist told her that the waitress had carried her son downstairs. Downstairs to find a few times, did not see them. Even more worrying is that the hotel owner did not know who took the child who is holding the child, regardless of identity information or phone number are not, Wang panic, and quickly reported to the police. The police to act quickly, and take the child’s surrender late at 20:30 PM, the Public Security Bureau of Shiyan City Economic Development Zone Bureau received a report, a major case, the Secretary Lu Wenchang immediately instructed the Criminal Investigation Brigade, police brigade, police set up a class to carry out the work of the. In the case to the Shiyan Municipal Public Security Bureau reported at the same time, civilian police quickly find out the child taken away the waitress Hu’s identity. Hu, 31 years old, Yunxi County town folder, who came to work in the hotel about more than and 10 days ago. However, no one in the hotel knew her telephone number. Police focus on video investigation and investigation around the site and to Hu’s domicile police station informed, at the bus station for the train station, police surveillance. Late 10:15, after nearly 2 hours of intense work, the police use of video tracking, successfully locked the suspect’s foothold – Shiyan economic and Technological Development Zone, Village Road, a residential building of the group of 10. Just in the police ready to enter.相关的主题文章: