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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Can anyone imagine life without colors? How dull that will be. .monly most of the color choice is an act of our unconscious self. The colors are like the mirror reflections of our personality. They have their own ways of impacting our lives. The clothes we wear, the interior we opt, the foods we love to eat are the perfect examples of our colorful aura. Any discussion about colors will remain in.plete without the vibrant charisma of flowers. Introduction of colorful blooms in different areas of daily life motivates physical and mental energies, arouses appetite and sexual urge. Most importantly it creates a placid, soothing and clean ambiance full of positive vibes. The Psychological Assessment Red Red is the color of love, passion, extrovert, powerful and warm. It excites human body and mind by stimulating blood circulation. Hence red color flowers are most .mon in romantic .munications. Keeping a bunch of red flowers like rose or tulips will help rebuild the intimate moments. Yellow The vibrant pattern of the color itself shows its significance. Yellow draws the mind towards decisiveness by clearing out all the negative doubts. Keeping a bunch of yellow blossom especially on the office desk can make the tough decisions real easy. Blue The effect of blue changes depending upon the amount one is using. Blue controls the nervous system. Applying the lighter shade flowers will give a cool, purified, relaxed, .posed, hopeful, protected, reassuring, trusting and accepting mood where too much of dark blue causes depression. These flowers are ideal for relaxing corners of any interior. Pink and Violet Pink and violet represent femininity, so the approach is less untamed than red. Both of them are sensitively soothing and calming that lessen the feelings of irritation and hostility. Placing a bunch of pink flowers will work as a perfect patch-up in a long separation of the loving couple. These colors restore beautiful old memories and eventually a broken relationship. Orange Since orange evokes a sense of security, fun, creativity, humor and independence; it is a perfect anti-depressant. For the physical body, orange stimulates sexual activity and cures digestive disorder. Orange blossoms are suitable for both professional and personal decoration. Purple Purple is a magical color. It is both hot and cold at the same time because it is a perfect .bination of craziness of red and the calmness of blue. That is why purple blooms stabilize the mind, establish peace and help to over.e fear. White White arouses a sense of peace, purity and optimism. Adding few fresh white blossoms at the domain of meditation or devotion creates a perfect balance between a healthy body and peaceful mind. Take the help of some fresh colorful flowers whenever you need a natural mood elevator!! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: