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Travel-and-Leisure Phuket and Karon Info The largest Thai island at about the same size as Singapore and a current population of 320,000, Karon and Phuket is not only famed for its gorgeous beaches but also renowned for its scenic views of green mountainous landscapes. You would have probably noticed when flying into Phuket its vast expanse of lush forests that stretch from one side to the other crossed vertically by a North to South mountain range. Pygmies and Pirates One fascinating thing about Phuket, Karon is its history, where the earliest settlers to the island happened to be the Semang Pygmie tribe that still exist in Malaysia today. These hunter-gatherers fed on the fruits from the lush canopy rain forests of the island. It is believed that they remained on the island until they were forced away by tin miners in the mid-nineteenth century. The coastal areas of Phuket were occupied by the nomadic seafaring tribe called Chao Nam. These were a small but robust race who were great sailors that travelled from cove to cove feeding on shell fish, consuming all before moving on to the next cove. According to the first Europeans that arrived there, they were pirates who robbed and stole and took slaves for transportation to Indonesia. Taking a look along the coastline of Karon makes you wonder whether some of these pirates had used some of the coves here. Karon a touch of paradise and luxury ac.modation The squeaky white sands that stretch along the Karon beach, symbolizes a touch of paradise that has been virtually untouched. Karon stands apart from its rivals when it .es to resorts. Ac.modation here can .e under the titles of affordable and luxury for people from all walks of life. Honeymooners stay here, families with small children stay here and .panies who are out to hold seminars or weekend promo drives stay in Karon. One way in which modern progressive .panies can hold their yearly .pany target meetings while allowing staff to gel and form as a team. The resort getaway is a perfect way to relax and .bine business with pleasure. The Beach Karon beach is a long curvy beach of white sands overlooking the crystal clear azure sea. Karon beach boasts the very luxurious yet affordable Horizon Karon Beach Resort and Spa situated at the southern end of the beach, ac.modation is luxurious and first class. Karon also has an array of marine activities like diving and snorkelling at nearby coral reefs and rocks. Day trips can also be arranged. Honeymooners who stay more than 4 nights will receive .plimentary gifts upon arrival and enjoy the wonderful luxury service at the Karon Beach Resort Hotel. Families who reserve a second connecting room for their children can get a 30% discount on the room-rate and a 20% discount on all food and beverages consumed at the hotel during their stay. One of its features is the amazing pool bar where guests can swim out to the bar to buy their drinks. Another is the Seaview Coffee Shop for breakfast and dinner, g.eous views of the beach, with international cuisine. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: