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Five ministries: to provide couples fertility problems of assisted reproductive technology and other new network new network – in October 25, treatment of the State Health Planning Commission and other 5 ministries recently issued "several opinions on strengthening the whole family of basic health care services" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions". "Opinions" clear, and then help couples end long-term contraceptive measures, to standardize couples fertility problems to provide Chinese medicine conditioning, medicine, obstetrics and gynecology surgery, human assisted reproductive technology services and other comprehensive treatment of infertility. "Opinions" as soon as possible to adjust the amplification of maternal and child health services resources. Provincial, municipal and county levels to the existing resource base quickly find out the obstetric service area, estimated new peak fertility, reasonable calculation of demand gap. Make full use of the medical institutions at all levels of the existing resources, through the Department, Department of interior adjusting beds etc., as soon as possible expansion of maternity beds, alleviate part of "hard to find" problems. Key areas of growth services can explore the grading filing system, reasonable diversion, guide the pregnant women according to the risk assessment results of filing mechanism; the establishment of pregnant women filing service center, coordinate and solve problems so that each pregnant women filing, pregnant women can get maternity care services timely, safe and effective. Accelerate the implementation of maternal and child health and family planning service project to strengthen the provincial, city and county three maternal and child health care institutions construction, improve the obstetric service ability in county-level hospitals focus on construction projects, new maternity beds 89 thousand, and strive in the "13th Five-Year" pre general maternal and child health services resources shortage and structural shortage contradiction between supply and demand. "Opinions" put forward, efforts to improve maternal and neonatal critical care. Provinces, cities and counties to rely on the strength of obstetric pediatric and comprehensive treatment of strong medical institutions, to speed up the construction of maternal and neonatal critical care capacity. Perfect service facilities, strengthen personnel, improve the operational mechanism, smooth critical treatment Easy Access, ensure that before the end of 2018 was responsible for grading, vertical linkage, orderly and efficient response to maternal and neonatal critical care, consultation and referral network. Opinions proposed to strengthen the urgent need to strengthen the training of professionals. To speed up the obstetrician, midwife training, and strive to "13th Five-Year" period increased 140 thousand obstetricians and midwives. Exploration on the conditions of university undergraduate midwifery professionals, strengthen the recruitment and training work. The implementation of the midwife training plan, continuing medical education to strengthen midwifery direction, improve the evaluation standard of midwives. To improve the medical and health institutions, performance evaluation and incentive mechanism, the internal distribution of performance pay obstetricians, midwives, nurses and other medical personnel to tilt, improve treatment, increase the attractiveness of jobs. "Opinions" clear, sooner, strengthen consultation and service before birth. Medical institutions to carry out midwifery services (hereinafter referred to as midwifery institutions) to actively set up family counseling room, there is growing demand for couples to provide comprehensive services, to strengthen the pre pregnancy health examination, health counseling, fertility assessment and scientific standards to provide guidance, the risk of pregnancy pregnancy.相关的主题文章: