Figure Zhengshi youth Cao Zheng Yu Jiang River the charm bloom –

Figure Zhengshi youth Cao Zheng Yu Jiang River the charm bloom – Sohu BNT news recently, there is a show of the ratings climbing, become the focus of public attention. This part from tvN’s "in the mood for Iceland youth" (ICELAND) series, the ratings for more than 7%, is becoming a hot topic of discussion in the SNS. Recording star travel overseas tvN "in the mood for youth" show the male guests in the film is different from the usual charm, their skin water is even more impressive. Here is to introduce you to build their beautiful skin skin care TIP. Young actor 1 – Cao Zhengshi in the field of drama Cao Cao, after the announcement with the singer Gummy love news, still widely loved, in the "show youth" show the affinity of warm men image. In his white skin Snow gleams white., particularly shining. If you want to create flawless and transparent skin cleansing in male, while the implementation of whitening care. Before going out, the skin must be coated with UV products, effective protection of the skin. When cleansing, you can use foam type cleansing products, give the skin transparent and vitality. 2 – Youth actor Zheng Yu in January 13th and gold beautiful wedding Zheng Yu, because the movie "wind" may become dazzling new answer 1994 "as the garbage brother in the tvN drama" golden Zaijun please, opened the popular actors of the road. Recently, he has received wide attention for his participation in the filming of variety youth and the movie Himalaya. His facial features are not outstanding, but the facial and elastic skin greatly improves his charm. 23 PM 9 p.m., Zheng Yu through the NAVER exchange platform in the "Himalaya" film interview revealed that he insisted on the simplest skin care management, using a small amount of skin care products. The youth actor 3 – Jiang River "in the mood for the youth" the youngest, has a lovely charm that young actress Jiang River, then harvest "has thousands of actors face evaluation", has become the hottest new star. He became a cute actor in the variety show, youthful charm can not be blocked. Jiang River, which has white skin and outstanding facial features, is enviable. If you want to have his general male skin, you need to adhere to effective skin care management. It is recommended to use low stimulation massage cream containing vegetable ingredients to quickly and effectively supply nutrients to the deep skin. "DITOR S CHOICE" figure well-being charm "male skincare LAFINE wild herbs 1 wild herbs (LAFINE VEGETABLE FOAM Cleansing Cream foam CLEANSING): have a moisture rich cucumber, tomatoes, carrots, celery, cress and five vegetable ingredients, clean skin is superior while effectively calm well-being cleansing products. 2 LAFINE VEGETABLE MASSAGE CREAM FIRMING: containing ginkgo extract, can effectively relieve s

花样青春 曹政奭郑宇姜河那魅力绽放-搜狐      bnt新闻讯 最近,有一档节目的收视率节节攀升,成为大众关注焦点。这部来自tvN的《花样青春》冰岛(ICELAND)特辑,收视率超过7%,成为各家SNS中的热门讨论话题。   记录明星海外旅行的tvN《花样青春》展现了男嘉宾不同于往常影视中的魅力,他们的水光肌肤更是令人印象深刻。下面就为你介绍打造他们般靓丽肌肤的护肤TIP。   青春演员1—曹政奭      在电视剧领域风生水起的曹政奭,在公布与歌手Gummy恋爱的消息之后,依旧广受喜爱,在《花样青春》中展现了亲和力十足的暖男形象。   在白雪皑皑中,他的白皙肌肤显得格外闪耀。若想打造无瑕而透明的男性美肌,建议在洁面同时实行美白护理。外出之前一定为肌肤涂抹隔离紫外线产品,有效保护肌肤。洁面时可以使用泡沫类型洁面产品,赋予肌肤透明和生机。   青春演员2—郑宇      1月13日与金尤美举行婚礼的郑宇,因为电影《风愿》而成为耀眼新人,在tvN电视剧《请回答1994》中饰演垃圾哥金在俊,开启了人气演员之路。最近的他,因为参与综艺《花样青春》、电影《喜马拉雅》的拍摄,而广受关注。   他的五官不算出众,但好感型面部和弹性肌肤极大提升了他的魅力值。23日下午9点,郑宇通过NAVER交流平台在《喜马拉雅》的电影访谈上透露,自己坚持最简单的护肤管理,使用少量的护肤产品。   青春演员3—姜河那      《花样青春》中的老幺、拥有可爱魅力的演员姜河那,年纪轻轻便收获“拥有千种面容的演员”的评价,成为当下炙手可热的新人明星。他在综艺节目中成为了可爱担当,青春魅力不可挡。   姜河那拥有白皙肌肤和出众五官,令人羡慕。若想拥有他一般的男性肌肤,就需要坚持有效的护肤管理。建议使用含有蔬菜成分的低刺激按摩霜,为肌肤深层快速有效补给营养。   DITOR’S CHOICE “花样魅力”well-being男性护肤品LAFINE野菜      01. 野菜泡沫洗面奶(LAFINE VEGETABLE FOAM CLEANSING):拥有富含水分的黄瓜、西红柿、胡萝卜、水芹和西芹五大蔬菜成分,是清洁力出众同时有效镇定肌肤的well-being洁面产品。   02. 野菜紧致按摩霜(LAFINE VEGETABLE FIRMING MASSAGE CREAM):内含银杏提取物,可以有效舒缓肌肤疲劳,打造洁净透亮肌底。为肌肤温和按摩,就可以恢复充满弹性的健康肌肤。   03. 碧欧泉(BIOTEM) Force supreme moisturizer: 内含植物提取物,可以有效水润肌肤。早晚使用爽肤水、精华之后使用,为全面部轻薄涂抹。   04. 赫拉(HERA) Homme CC cream: 内含50%的精华成分,爽肤水质地,实现水润柔和涂抹的男性用CC霜,为肌肤补充水分,在肌肤表面形成补水保湿层,保护肌肤。黄智惠 张春蕾 文 LAMY LAFINE蔬菜,HERA 赫拉,BIOTEM 碧欧泉,tvN《花样青春冰岛》节目截图,bnt新闻DB http: FrontStore iGoodsList.phtml?iCategoryId=38   bnt新闻 投稿邮箱 news@bntnews相关的主题文章: