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Female artist is bonanza? – Painting – people.com.cn original title: female artist is bonanza it the day before, foreign institutions have announced the auction data before the 20 female artists attention. It is said that women hold up half the sky, but does it work in the field of art? What is the living condition of female artists? The value of their works as the market appeared to be far better than men? Why can’t China be the top female artist in the world? The market is far less than the male woman: according to set out the auction data before the 20 female artists displayed in the Artnet database, from 1985 to May 31, 2013, as painted by the second generation abstract expressionist painter Michel’s works auction total turnover reached $239 million 800 thousand, ranking the first female artist, and Chinese famous female painter Zhou Sicong by fusion China realism and traditional painting and calligraphy style topped the list of nineteenth, the total turnover of $46 million 800 thousand. In the female artist, Japan’s "fashion old lady" Kusama to $127 million 700 thousand ranked first, China female painter Xu Lele for $16 million 800 thousand in eighth. "In addition to insiders, ordinary people may not be familiar with Zhou Sicong, Xu Lele these names as Qi Baishi, Zhang Daqian and Xu Beihong did so big size and famous works, and the price level is almost proportional to the." Insiders said the highest price comparison, Zhou Sicong’s works in 2011 in Beijing poly took out 17 million 250 thousand yuan, which in the domestic female artists have been with the same year turnover stand head and shoulders above others, but in the China [micro-blog] Qi Baishi "pine Gao map?" the 425 million 500 thousand seal four words together than it is nothing. The. "Although in the international market, with Belt Morisot, Lewis bourgeois?? as the representative of the female artist has entered the tens of millions of dollars, but is still far from the likes of Picasso, Warhol and Richter in male names. You know, their annual total turnover of more than $250 million per person." Observation: the market performance evaluation of female artists very stupid obviously, to work in the market as the performance evaluation status of artists practice is very stupid, because both the museums and art galleries and auction houses, art circle of discourse consistent with the male. To be based on the market, or the need for strength. Some collectors of self-cultivation, women also feel things are not necessarily. For example, Zhou Sicong’s works in the men’s world is also very good." Chinese arts and crafts masters, Shu Huijuan, President of the association of women artists in Jingdezhen, said in an interview, due to the differences in personality, hobbies and understanding of men and women, making its artistic style is not the same. The female is relatively smooth and soft, male masculine atmosphere. Female artists are usually more focused on expressing the inner perception of the world, in the case of men and women are not completely equal, women have to achieve, in the face of the resistance and the limitations of more natural. And sometimes the market has some discrimination against female artists, and some people will say, ‘that’s what women paint’相关的主题文章: