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Vacation-Rentals Fair and festival form an integral part of the culture of India. India is one of the greatest cultural destinations of the world also known for its wonderful gatherings. The people of the country stand united in some of the very popular gatherings like the Ganesh festival mostly celebrated in Deccan, Diwali fair, the fair of Jaganath temple at puri, Trichur puram which is also a major gathering of India. Apart from few of these, there are many other fairs in India which have the international importance and these include the Pushkar fair in which camels have a part to play. In this fair, you have a wonderful interaction with the different cultures of the world as people of different countries come together. You can also have a dip at the Pushkar Lake and the Hindus believe such an act cleanses of the sin of the previous births. Apart from the fairs, Indian festivals are quite famous not only in India but some of them are celebrated globally. There are two types of festivals. One category is the religious festivals. Eid, holy, Diwali, Budda Poornima, good Friday, Easter, Christmas, Onam, Krishna Janamashtami, Gurupurab and many other. Among the other festivals are the Independence Day, Republic day, Gandhi Jayanti and many more. Diwali is considered as one of the main festivals of Hindus in India. It is also the festival of lights. On this day, there are prayers in the temple; crackers are burnt and this is a fine act of celebration. Every house decorates with lamps and there is a worship of goddess Lakshmi, also called the goddess of wealth. The second in the list of Indian festivals is Janamashtami. It is the celebration of the birthday of lord Krishna, the son of Devki. People keep fast on these festivals and it is really a great experience to receive the blessings of the lord. The Muslims and Christians celebrate Eid and Christmas with full fervor. The Buddhists and Sikhs celebrate their festivals with real charm. One thing about India is the unity of religion and culture and this makes it one of the splendid destinations to live in the world. The republic day parade and the Independence Day speech will really make you dream big about this wonderful nation. It will also remind you of the glorious freedom struggle of freedom fighters for this country. Onam has relevance in the Kerala and is celebrated in that region with great fervor. The state has got the Onam vacations for the children and there are many cultural events organized during these days. Come to wonderful India and become one with this ancient land during the celebration of festival in India. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: